How do I test an amp w/ multi-meter


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I have just purchased an Orion 225 HCCA comp amp/x-over, and want to test for proper functionability before I pay the guy the other half of the money. I don't have an existing setup in-place to test amp. I have a multi-meter. Is that enough? If not how can I test the amp? If multi-meter is sufficient a detailed description of how to perform a full test would be overwelmingly appreciated.

a multimeter won't do much as far as testing the amp. The components in the device need power to do what they are supposed to do, without feeding power to the amp they won't indicate a problem if one exists.

Your best bet is to take the amp to a stereo shop and pay for it to be tested. They have the right equipment and if it does turn out to be a bad amp, the seller can't blame you for blowing it.

If you insist on testing it yourself, you'll need a 12v source (at least 10amps,) a couple of functional speakers (doesn't need to be much,) and a signal source like a walkman with the proper cable. Hook everything up (ground first, (+) power last) and if it works, it works.
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