AW1508T AudioBahn Subs, What amp should I get?


Hey Guys,

I'm new here and I need some help on which I amp I should get. I have one AW1508T and am running a peice of crap "Sound Extreme" Amp. I plan on getting another one and buying a good amp along with it VERY SOON.

I was wondering if this was a good subwoofer in the first place. Does this subwoofer have some good potential? I want something that can really pound (and people can hear it outside). Anyways, thats what I have and I'd like to make due with it. It was not cheap either :(.

So anyways What amplifier do you guys reccomend. It says my Sub can handle 2000 Watts RMS, and I plan on getting 2.

Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate it! Best Regards,

-Jason Elcan

i liked audiobahns looks but when it came to sound i went with a better brand i got 2 diamond audio 12s and the hit hard enough later im looking into cerwin vega strokers or something for competition
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