Protection light keeps coming on?



im wiring up my amp and evertime i turn on the headunit the red Protection light, lights up.

dose anyone have any ideas ?

Cheers Si

The protection light comes on for about a dozen different reasons. Here are the most common
-improper wiring
-internal malfunction
-bad speaker(s)
-improper load (speakers)

Tell us a little more... what amp? is it brand new? how is it wired? What speakers? What other components?

my first guess is improper load since it's the most common problem i see. i could be wrong though. check to see how many ohms your amp is stable to and then check to see how your speaker(s) is wired.

Lidyo Gao
Hey can anyone help me i installed my amp and my deck and the protection light keeps lighting up. I reinstalled the blue wire (turn on wire) and my amp and sub worked but when i returned to my car the amp wouldn't work and the prtection light is on. Anyone please reply thanks
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