I am installing a pair of 12 inch subs and a 1400 watt amp. Would it be a good idea to use a capacitor? Is it necessary for this set up and if so how hard are they to install? Thanks for the look.

As for running 1400Watts(approx)...It would be a great investment...and will also save your alternator.

i want to get a capacitor but i dont know if ill need it or not will it hurt my amp or subs if i really didnt need a capacitor and ran one anyway,if not is there any easy ways to install one because i have know idea. thanks

Mike Bray
A cap will help when using a stock alternator, no matter what wattage your system is. Make sure you get the charge/discharge resistor(included with new purchases) when you purchase one. You will damage a cap if it isn't properly charged. As far as I know, there is no way for a cap to damage your amp or sub.

whats the resistor do and do you know how much it cost off hand.

Resister is merely there to slowly charging up the cap. If not, it's like short circuiting your battery when you charge up too fast due to the large amount of current drawn.
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