Amp Suggestion for 2 12" Alpine Type R subs


I know alot gets mentioned about these subs but I've read them all and yet to find a definitve answer. I am about to purchase 2 SWR 1221 subs, specs:
300W RMS
Dual 2 Ohm

I have been looking at a number of amps (budget of around $300).
Alpine MRV T420 (2 X 170w RMS at 2 ohms)
Rockford Fosgate Punch 300S (2 X 75w RMS at 2 ohms)

Could someone please tell me if the above amps would be good enough or recommend a different amp to power both of these Subs. Also, if I had 1 amp and 2 subs would I need 2 wiring kits or just one?

Thanks for any information.

Oh, and my headunit is a Kenwood KDC 6090R if that matters.

i have 2 type r 12s and i had a crunch 1200 watt amp pushing them. sounded pretty good. that amp surprised me. got it on ebay for 180 a while back.

Dan The MAn
It Just so happins That i am manager and head installer for a car audio shop that sales Alpine,,,,I use 3 type R in my own system,,,,my best advise for the money you want to spend is the Alpine mrd-m300 i have one to each of my subs and the sound is phenominal,,,rated @ 350-357 watts rms @ 2 ohms(birthrecord),, first dont get the dual 2 ohm get the dual 4,,,,then if you dont have the money for 2 of them you can still wire them together to the one amp,,,,my shop sells them for around 390.00 so the xtra 90 bucks is worth it,,,plus it being a accuclass D design it s very its very efficient,,,read more about the amp ,,,its one of the best in my oppinion,,,,

it is important that you get a definitive answer, so here it is. You have dual 2 ohm subs and if you want the most out of them you need 2 amps. They run at 1ohm when wired in parallel, which means you need 2 1ohm stable amps or 2 2 channel amps. Most amps are not 1 ohm stable, but if you can find some that are that's the more powerful solution. Your alternative is to buy the dual 4 ohms subs, which I recommend. You can run them both off of 1 1ohm stable amp, or 1 2 channel 2ohm stable amp.

2 MRD 300 Alpine amps should do you just fine. 300 watts in 2 ohms...should work like wounders man...

you can get the MRD 300 off ebay for...190 or 290 brand new, in a sealed box. But so if your buying more than 1 MRD off ebay.

your best solution is the kicker kx 600.1 it delivers 600 watts at 2 ohms. the alpine type r sub is 300 watts rms. you should be perfect with that amp. Just wire each sub in a series then wire your two positives together and your two negatives together and that gives you a two ohm load. msrp on one of these amps is about 500.00 bucks but if you look on the internet you can find one for 300 dollars

i just bought 2 solo-baric L7 at 4-ohm any suggestions on what amp i should get?

i just got 2 alpine type r's 12's 4ohms, they say they take a 1000 watts each should I be looking for a 2000 watt amp or what should i get for this

you just need about 500 watt amp

my bad about 600-800 watt amp

I am running 3 dual 4 ohm with a rockford 801s at 2.67 ohms. Its sounds ridiculous. With 2 dual voice coils you should run them normal and bridge the amp to bring them down to 2 Ohms because when the amp is bridged it puts out almost double what it does in 4 ohms. I have a friend running the 500s rockford at 2 ohms and it sounds really good but it is in a ported box which helps also. Running more then one amp is a waste of money if you arent goin into competitions. The 500s is about $260 and is worth it.

try a real amp the soundstream ref.500


why buy them off crutchfield.... or others like that i found a site that has alpine stuff alot cheaper than others.... heres the site for ne one who wants it..... its got all the big name brands for car stereo enthusist.... ok well here it is
theres the site it works i bought all of my alpine equipment off it... i run 2 12" type r subs on 2 mrd-m300.... its sound great

Dont worry
MTX 1000x2 is a very good amp to buy!

Phil Ko is very expensive VS other websites for Alpine stuff.


To power those 2 subs get a Alpine 500 mono amp. It maybe cost a lot but it's totally worth it.

I have recently purchased an Alpine MRP-M350 Class-D Mono Amplifier, which runs 350W x 1 RMS at 2 ohms or 200W x 1 RMS at 4 ohms. I don't really understand how the ohms works, can someone please explain? Also I'm looking at purchasing a SWR-1221D 12" Sub, would this be a wise decision? What's the difference between Alpine's Type R and Type S subs? Also, where's the best position to mount the crossovers for my front splits?

Somebody over in the Subwoofer Section explained the ohm thing really well.. Basically whenever you you add the number of ohms each speaker has and divide it by 4 and that is what the amp will see.. Example, the Alpine MRP M350 Amp is 350 watts RMS @ 2ohms.*Remember that 1 dual voicecoil subwoofer counts equals to two regualr subs* To achive those two ohms you will need the SWR 1241 D sub because each voicecoil is 4 ohms, and 4ohms + 4ohms =8 ohms, then divide 8 ohms by 4 = and you get 2. So 2 ohms would be what the amp will see with the SWR 1241 Type R. If you want more than 1 Type R and you want to only use one amp, I suggest you get the 2 ohm Type R. When you have 2 2 ohm speakers the amp will see 2ohm + 2 ohm + 2ohm + 2ohm = 8ohm divided by 4 = 2ohm. So the amp will see a 2 ohm load.. I hope I didnt confuse anyone.. Hope this helps..Holla back if it doesnt

I would like to know if i pump 800 watts into each sub will it sound clear or will it sould like crap with alot of thump. I am thinkin on buying a 1600 american legacy with my next pay and i got two typr r swr 1221d (2 ohm + 2 ohm) its a 2 channel amp so can i run 1 sub off each channel and get 800 watts just like that or is there something else i must do. I can get this amp brand new for 200 bucks and its just down the street so i just going to get it. i want to go to alpines mono amps in 3 months.

I go two of the alpine 1241d (dual 4ohm) subs and a rockford fosgate 500s 250x2 2ohm, 500x1 4 ohm. so would it be better to bridge my amp and run the 500 watts to both subs at 4ohms, or run the 250 watts to each sub at 2 ohms?

Jonathan The only way to run those subs and that amp would be to the 500 x 1 option at 4 ohms. Since those woofers are Dual voice coil and 4 ohms voice coil and you have two woofers your amp will see 4 ohms. Either way you will get the same power from your amp. You say 250 x 2 at 2 ohms, well guess what, even if you do it that way, 250 divied by 2 is 125 per voice coil... 500 times 1 divided by 4 is 125.. So, the either way you are going to get the same power from your amp. BUT since you have the 4 ohm speakers, your amp will in the end up seeing 4 ohms.

BOTTOM LINE: hook the speakers up, so your amp will see 4 ohms, which will give the type r's 125 a coil.

*correct me if I am wrong*

I agree with you B. Wat but I think he should hook up each sub to each channel of the amp, only because it's easier for beginners. My advice for you Jonathan is to wire each sub in parallel to make each one 2 ohms. Then hook each channel to each sub. That will give you 250 watts x 2 @ 2 ohms. You could also wire each sub in series and then wire both in parallel if you want to bridge your amp to 500 x 1 @ 4 ohms, but wiring them this way is a little more complex.

i drive a mercedes and am looking to put some new subs in the trunk. Since mercedes are made so that practically no sound comes through the trunk i have to cut holes in the back dash behind the headrests so the air will have a place to go. Im looking to go dual 12" but need the loudest and deepest ones i can afford ($400-)because i wont be able to hear all they can dish out. Im looking at alpine type r's because of the power handling specs. any other suggestions out there?

i'm assuming that you want spl. with $400 you could do way better than the type r's. i would recommend getting a pair of 12" adire shiva mark III subs. these are some competition entry level subs. they are one of the few on the market that offer both spl and sound quality. they run about $125 each so you'd still have $150 left over to put towards the amp. by the way, it's not the trunk that's blocking out the bass. mercedes cars have thick insulation in the backseat that prevents the sound from coming through. what i usually do is pull the seat down whenever i listen to music. cutting holes in the rear dash will work too but you take the chance of shattering the back window since the bass is still compressed in the trunk. by pulling your seat down, you allow the bass the flow evenly and smoothly. a lot of people in competitions do this.

I just got 2 Alpine Type R 12" 1241D subs and I am wondering if any of you would have a good suggestion on what type of amp to get beacuse I have no clue about this stuff. I don't want to spend too much on the amp so if you could give me some good suggestions on inexpensive amps that would work well with these subs that would be great.

hey drew, check out and look at all the amps they have. they sell brand name amps for 50% less of what they charge in stores. i would recommend a mono amp that puts out at least 500-600 watts rms. rockford fosgate makes pretty good amps.

thanks teflondog do you think this one would be fine here
it is a Rockford Fosgate Punch 301M 900Watts Mono Car Amplifier.
cause i don't know what I am looking for with the ohms and all of that stuff and i still really don't know what type of amp would be best.

Nevermind, That was the wrong amp. Anyway if you have and suggestions of actual amps that would work for that that much $$ let me know

drew, when shopping for an amp, do not look at peak power. this is a false representation of what the amplifier puts out. the rms rating is the true value. if an amp is 1000 watts peak and 300 watts rms, then the amp only puts out 300 watts. peak power is a strategy used by companies to make their products look better than what they really are.

Oh ok, have you heard anything about Crunch Amps cause I read some reviews on the subs I got and people had crunch amps and said they worked pretty well and I didn't know if they would be good or not cause they aren't nearly as expensive as Rockford fosgate and they aren't a well known name I don't think

crunch is one of those brands that are questionable. i've heard them in my friend's car and they sounded pretty decent but i haven't had any long term experience with them so i can't give any advice. i'll take a look at them in my store and get back to you on whether it's good or not.

about the crunch amp, i wouldn't recommend them only because they don't offer a good warranty, which isn't a good sign of reliability. by the way, do some research on jbl amps. they make very inexpensive amps and are a good brand name. i don't think discountsjungle has a wide selection of jbl so look at some other sites. remember; only look at rms values! :)

i was going to ask you about jbl next if they were good or not cause I was looking at the JBL BP1200.1 Mono Amplifier and that has 600w x 1 rms. Which means that each sub would have 300w rms powered to it correct? There are a few of these for sale on ebay for around $100-$200. Let me know if this a good one.

yes, that is a very good amp, probably the best quality out there for the money, i'd say go for it. with these subs, you have 2 options since these are 4 ohm DVC subs, you could 1. wire them at 4 ohm and get 300 watts to each speaker as planned(recommended) 2. if you really wanted to throw some power at these type-rs, you could wire them to a 1 ohm load. (not recommended for long periods of time)

yes the JBL amp is stable down to 1 ohm, but there is no power gain between 2 and 1.

to break it all down, yes, it would be a great amp, wire it at 4 ohms and it should be perfect.

RF 801s

derek thanks for the info I will probably just stick with the jbl 1200.1 mono amp cause I think that is my best bet. do you have any good suggestions for a good head unit that isn't too expensive. I was looking at the Alpine CDA7875 and the cda7873. let me know if you have any other good suggestions.

Everybody...Get the alpine mrv-1507 amp. It handles 900 watts rms at 14.4 volts into 4 ohms which is certainly enough 4 everything mentioned here. Also get a capacitor to boost your amp's voltage to 14.4 volts to get the most out of it. Good luck boyz and remember to turn up the volume in residental areas

Hey, I work at Circuit City, I'm getting all my stuff dirt-cheap... The $200 (each) 12" type-R Alpine subs are $70 a piece for me, and the amp I get will be about half... Not to mention, all the top-notch quality cables will be pennies-to-the-foot for me, so basically, money is not factor here... Anyway, I've been consulting with the car audio specialists here at Circuit City, and I can't seem to get a straight answer from anybody... 2-channel vs. mono amp, bridge vs. parallel... No one can really seem to make-up their mind... Here's the situation...

I have a 1993 Jeep Cherokee with a completely empty back- I'm willing to dedicate as much space as needed to make some good bass- I'm looking to get two 12" type-R subs, either One powerful amp to power it all, or two lesser amps for individual connections- whatever's best. I listen to mostly rock/alternative with some rap, and on occasion, techno... I think the 12"s are best suited for me, some have told me to put 10's, 'cause the techno- I'm open to any suggestions... I have a decent Alpine deck, nothing fancy- It's the current blue and grey one without mechanical faceplate... component 5 1/2" infinities in front, regular 5 1/2" inf. in back...

one catch. i can only buy what circuit city sells, which is mtx, alpine, inf. and anything else on our website...

anyone have any ideas, let me know, please...

hey nathan i hear ya man and i suggest the MRD-m500 alpine amp which runs 500 watts rms at 2 ohms and also get the type R 12's, model # swr-1221 which are 4 ohms each and will bridge into 2 ohms together. I also figured out the box to make for your subs which goes as follows...1.65 ft3 for each sub with a port of 3" wide and 12 " long. The sub volume and port volume were taken into account with the 1.65 ft3 specs... try this out man and you won't be disappointed!! good luck

This is the story, i did my research into subs and amps and i had decided to get a alpine v12 mrd-m500 with 2, 12 inch alpine type R's 1241D, as i wanted something that traveled through my 3 series.
The place where i was buyin these products didn't have a alpine v12 mrd-m500 in stock and i was instead given a rockford fosgate punch 501S. I was told this is the equivalent to the alpine v12 mrd-m500. The problem is that i have now searched on the internet i am not too convinced that it is the equivalent and i belive with the set up of a rockford 501S, i am only gettin 125 rms to each sub.
the alpine subs are 300watts rms, 4ohms
the rockford 501s is:
2 channels
Per channel power 125 W X 2 @ 4 Ohms RMS
250 W X 2 @ 2 Ohms RMS
500 W X 1 @ 4 Ohms Bridged RMS
Total power 1500 Watts Peak/Max

I want to know have i made the right choice and are my subs able to run at 250 watts rms each?

Yes that should be fine.

3 12" alpine dual 4 ohm voice coils, Kenwood X810D amplifier wired at 1 ohm runnin 1000 wats into the 3 12's wired in parallel, this setup hurts my chest

i have Two SWR-1241D subz running off an MRV1507.
One sub per channel...each sub has its own enclosure sealed.....if anyone has the subz in a ported box please let me know how thy sound as im doing a new install soon and am thinking about a ported box this time.....""

alpine has a special ported box meant for their subs. sounded awesome in this box. haven't heard them in other ported boxes though. alpine recommends sealed for their subs since they are directed more towards sq.

hey guys i just bought 2 type r 1241 d @ 4 ohms and i have a mtx thunder 1501d amp pumping out close too 1200 rms . Think itll blow the subs ??
also im thinking of adding 1 or 2 more type r how much of a difference thatll make on sound and can i run em off the same amp? the cars a isuzu impulse same as a geo storm and i listen mostly hip hop


I bought a kicker solo baric 15" L7 and a kicker kx 600.1 amp. I'm still waiting for the amp to come but does anybody know if it will make this sub pump?

First of all the people talking about OHMS on this site have no idea what they are talking about. I have worked at two different car audio places and KNOW that when running to a mono amp 2 Dual 4OHM speakers present a 1Ohm load or a 8Ohm load.... while 2 2ohm spekers present a 2ohm load or a 4ohm load. there is no way to wire 2 dual 4ohm speakers to the amp to read a 2 ohm load.

I am planning to run 2 type R (dual 4ohm) speakers off of a Memphis ST1000d (1100@1ohm RMS) does anyone think this will be to much for these speakers to handle?

So every Sub, really needs at least one amp that gives out 100-500watts?

I have got some questions here about the best way to wire my 2 SWR-1041D's to my MRD-M500 amp. Since they are DVC (4ohm + 4ohm) I can setup the 2 subs in parallel/parallel to my amp to make a 1ohm load, but can my amp handle a 1ohm load? And what would the RMS be at 1ohm for my amp? I can also setup my 2 subs in a series/parallel to my amp for a 4ohm load which would be 250watts RMS x1. I just need answers on if it would be better to wire them in a series/parallel to my amp or in a parallel/parallel.

I have 2 alpine type r's 1241. I need an amp and I was told about the Audiobahn A275HCT and here are the specs on it....
75 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms stereo
150 watts x 2 @ 2 ohms stereo
225 watts x 2 @ 1 ohm stereo
150 watts x 1 @ 4 ohms mono
300 watts x 1 @ 2 ohms mono
600 watts x 1 @1 ohms mono
High Current Circuitry
PWM MOSFET Power Supply
Double Sided Glass Epoxy Circuit Board
S/N Ratio: >100dB
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 40KHz (± 1dB)
Remote Bass Control with Blue Backlight Knobs
Variable 24dB Hi-pass Crossover: 50Hz - 750Hz
Variable 24dB Low-pass Crossover: 30Hz - 120Hz
Variable Subsonic Filter: 20Hz to 45Hz
Variable Bass Boost: 0-18dB
Variable Bass Boost Frequency: 40Hz-100Hz
RCA Throughput Connections
4-way Protection Circuitry: Thermal, Short Circuit, Overload & DC Offset
Dual Cooling Fans
VU Meters Indicating Output Response
Cobalt Blue Illumination
High Gloss Chrome Plated Finish
Dimensions (H x W x D): 3 11/16" x 12" x 14

would this be a good amplifier for these 2 subwoofers?

or would that jbl bp1200.1 amp be better than this, what ever the hell i posted about the audiobahn one

im not a totally newbee, however i dont know a whole lot. im running a lightning audio ff150.2 amp at 450 watts (2 channel) and it says, "not rocommended for impedance loads below 2ohms stero and 4ohms bridged (mono) loads." i am currently runnig the L+ and R- leads to my 4ohm 500 watt Pioneer sub (which i will hopefully be replacing). i was wondering if i would be able to run another sub, any make but hopefull JL, on the same amp and how i would go about doing this. i dont think i have left anything out but like i said i dont know a whole lot about what info is needed. im not all there when it comes to abbreviated terms like "sq". so please bare with me, and i appologize if this seems like a stupid question.

Ive got a type r 10, and i am running 800 watts through it, im planning on getting 2 SWR-1221D's and run them in series, then if you run both of them to a two terminal amp it will total 2 ohms, go to the rockford fosgate website, it will help you understand this concept way more

Aright i wanna get 2 type r 12's 2+2 ohm im lookin' at a alpine mrd m500 for 295 brand new. is that cool. i gots 350$ max for an amp

How would I hook up a Jensen 600 watt Amp to 2 10"JL Audios I would like someone too explain the whole setup from battery to subs to Amp the whole work I appreicate it.

Who ever wants a ported sub box 4 thier system email me and i will help... include ur Qts, Fs and Vas of ur subwoofer specs... peace broz

OK, I have two 4 OHM 12" Alpine Type-R subs . I'm thinkin bout getting a MTX THUNDER801D. it pumps out:

# of Channels 1
Power (Watts RMS into 4 ohms x Channels) 400 x 1
Power (Watts RMS into 2 ohms x Channels) 800 x 1
Bridged power x Channels (4 Ohms) N/A
Peak power x Channels (Watts) 400 x 1
is this the amp i need. if so how should i wire it.

hey teflondog, wat do u know of the alpine V12 expert amp? do u know if they have a good record, cos i purchased one today on ebay in the thought that it sounded like a brilliant amp, so ur opinion wud be appreciated if possible?? cheers man

corey young
I also have 2 alpine type r 12`s, but i have an alpine mrv-1505 pushing mine..... They sound great, but not only am i getting max use out of them, they sound deep and carry extremly far

Hey peeps I got 2 SWR-1221D'S I have a single cab F-150 and right now I have an MTX 420watt amp on them. Could someone tell me what amp I could put to these subs to make it were i can't breath, and it makes my brain jiggle? Money isn't a problem, but i also need some demensions for a custom box. Thanks peeps

I just bought 2 alpine type R subs powered by a mtx 942 2 channel amp.... is this a good setup? They are still in the package and i have not installed them yet. Any insight would be much appreciated

Whats would be the better amp for to buy to push my 2 12inch alpine type r subs, they are the dual 4 ohm's. the RF 501x or the 601s?

Wassup all,
I just got back with a alpine SWR-1241d (4ohm, DV) and a MVR-t420(170wX2 @ 2ohm 14.4v, 110wX2 @4ohm 14.4v) 600w total? .... any suggestion on how to set this up...and did I get the right amp or did i got something that is not powerful enough. I would guess Bridge it? and how do you get the 14.4v?

WARNING, xplod, crunch, legacy, pyramid, these are the cheapest amps on the market and they are all crap, ever wonder why these companies don't post the thd? (distortion rating). Spend your money only once! Sound quality, Fosgate, Competition, Earthquake. If it matters I run 2 alpine swr-1241d off of a earthquake phd2 700.1 (1500 peak). I traded in a cheap power acoustik amp for it. Anyone else without a clue can email mikecaledon at hotmail. (I am biased towards alpine/fosgate/earthquake and have redone my system 4 times)

I have a question? I will be getting 2 12'' Alpine Type R subs and i want to know if a Alpine MRD-M500 would sound good? and i also would like to make my own box and would like to know if there would be a special kind of wood or something that would be reasonable price but would house the subs and fit in the truck of a 1995 BMW 325is. I am only 15 so i am on a budget.

Your only 15 and u have a Bmw ha ha I wish my parents bought me my car but anyways yea that amp should work well with those Type R's

Thanks, i needed to know if that would sound nice. Or if i should put more power into the subs.

pymp in the Z
hey, i just got a new jl audio 500/1 for my type R,(4+4), i am planning on getting another type R, could someone tell me the best way to wire it all up? would it be best to wire each of the subs up seperatly, or just run them off the same output and wire them together ? anyone know the premium cubic feet for a single type R? i'm building a box for them soon and i was wondering on space. Thanks

sup all.. i just bought 2 typers subs and very close in buying the punch 601s.. its perfect spec wise (300ohms rms to each sub) but was wondering if this would be a good amp for these subs...

its like 230$ on ebay....

ne comments?? thanks


Hey I have 2 Alpine Type R 12's, dual 4 ohm voice coils, and I have an american Bass amp, class D power that runs 1200 RMS power to these subs at 1 ohm. So each gets about 600 RMS. I was wondering if anyone has a similar setup and what kind of spl are they getting. I havent' had my system checked so I am curious as to what I could get.


Looking for an amp? I have an awsome amp for sale really really cheap. Iam selling my car so the entire system has to go. This amp works perfect and look like new. Take a look at the website retail price on this guy take a look and read the reviews Dont miss this deal I paid $650 bucks for this amp selling it for $260. Also you get free wiring kit with the amp. Email me back tell me if you are interested.
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