RF 1001bd or JL 500/1 or something else?


So I'm still trying to decide which Amp to buy to go with my 2 12" Alpine Type R 1241Ds (4ohm + 4ohm). I'm looking to spend around $350, possibly $400. I've been looking at like the Rockford Fosgate 1001bd or the JL Audio 500/1 on Ebay but I would like all the suggestions I can get. I'm open to anything else someone might think would go well with my subs. I want something that is going to hit really hard.

personally i would go with fosgate

not sure what RMS you are getting out of your subs, but I know for a fact that the JL 500/1 rocks, but if your RMS is over 300-400, you'll need something more powerful...i would also go with the RF.

Jim Strong
If you want more than 700 watts total between the two subs then you should think about the bd1500. You are only going to be able to run a four ohm load to the amp. The subs you have made that decision. You can either run them at 8 ohms series or 4 ohms series parralel. I know you don't want to drop the coinage to get a 1 ohm stable amp to run a full parralel.
I have a bd1000 running at 4 ohms and it slams with a single RF POWER HX2 10" sub.
You may even think about a high power two channel amp. My old school Orion 2150SX runs 300 RMS into 2 ohms to two channels. That is plenty power for the Alpine R series subs. I popped one of the dual 2 ohm R Series running at 4 ohms with my bd1000, that was only 500RMS. I would suggest running those subs at no more than 350 watts rms each.


if you're going to go with rockford, then check out discountsjungle.com and look at the punch 801s amplifier. it puts out 400 watts rms x 2 at 2 ohms, which is more than enough for those type r's. the best part is the price. i usually recommend this amp at my store for a pair of 12" subs. this amp will push any pair of subs (with the exception of adire, resonant engineerings, and monster dbx subs).
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