Soundstorm amps?


are soundstorm amps decent? i am looking for a pretty cheap amp to run a pair of 12 or possibly 15" kicker comp vr's...400rms per sub, dvc. i found a soundstorm vanquish 1600 watt amp that puts out 200rmsx4 in 4 ohms for like 134$$...if they are no good, any other cheap suggestions?

for cheap, the only suggestion i got is JBL :), the JBL 600.1 can be found for pretty cheap on ebay or, and the JBL BP1200.1 can also be found at decent prices and the amp puts out 1200 watts RMS at 2 ohm, dont waste your money on soundstorm, its junk.

i dont know if they are as bad as you friend has a soundstorm pushin 2 old 12" jl audio w3's and they pound...

hey nick. it's not a matter of whether they pound or not. what matters is durability. i bought a cheap amp once and it pounded harder than all of my friends' systems. but it only lasted a month before it quit on me. it's better to spend more money on one amp than to buy several amps because they keep breaking. you'll end up saving money in the long run.

true sometimes, but most of the time, the amp that you spend more money on will be putting out cleaner power that has better sound quality. some people dont care about sound quality and cant tell the difference between pyramid and JL, this is how pyramid makes money.

JBL to save money, thats all i gotta say

if you want more help on a bigger forum with more people that know what they are doing. check out

I have had a soundstorm amp now for 3 years. Its a 400 watt amp and I had it pushing 2 15" kicker comp vr's then i sold them and got kicker solobaric L5 and it pounded hard as hell... Now I have a the same 400 watt soundstorm amp that i got three years ago pushing one 12 inch eclipse aluminum sub and i just got another 400 watt soundstorm amp..the same model..pushing another 12 is by far the hardest cleanest hitting system I've ever owned. I've won 3 comps and 3rd place in 2 comps...I have had no trouble with soundstorm.
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