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I just bought a 1993 jimmy in excellent condition and my first priority is to put a system in it. I've been around car systems for along time but never delt with the open cabin of a jimmy like i have with trunks and truck boxes. Can anyone recommend a system that will hit and give me some madd bass for my jimmy and i really want ppl to hear me coming a few blocks away. I was thinking two audiobahn 12's at 2000rms in a mtx big sealed box powered by one audiobahn 2300 watt amp at the start then get another 2300 watt audiobahn amp later on. Ive never delt with the high watt handling subs a whole lot but im pretty sure just one amp would hit them pretty damn good with a good deck. Any suggestions? I've had good luck with audiobahn in the past and i dont really want to spend the extra money on JL right now... any suggestions ?

i was looking on ebay and got some cheap prices for new subs... two audiobahn 2200 watt 12's for 300$$ will that still pound good with a 2300 watt amp ?

With the space u have to work with i would put eather 1 15'' or 1 18'' i recomend the kicker L7 15'' with the kicker 1200.1 amp pep will hear u comin not matter what box use seald or ported that is for u to desside i my self like it in a seald i like my bass tight and hint hard at the same time and the kickers sound much better the the audiobahns yes there loud be they also sound shity that is my opinon... get back to me and to let me know what u do

will the L7 hit like two high watt audiobahn 12's?

ive had other audiobahns and ive had good luck wiht them and like their sound so i really want to stay with them....

I know one budy of mine had a L7 15'' and he hit 140. somthin his frist try in a compation

The Helpful guy
F - Ebay and anything with the name Kicker on it....you want a system, the get a real system. the only system on the market worth the money you pay is JL. want clarity? Two JL 10W3's. Want Power, 1 JL 12W7. want both? 1 JL 12W6. and rock a JL AMP that gits whcih want you want. trust me, you'll get no better for your dough. it'll cost u but don't hit ebay, don't play your self short. get pro install and they will make ur system the best of the block

Biatch plzzzz Kicker will put JL to sleep in the dirt and that is a fact i have seen and herd at a compation

no matter what you put in your car you better hide it or get some good car alarm cause i have a blazer and everyone was telling me there the most common cars to get the systems stolen from. i know ppl that either had there tailgate poped down on those cars to windows just broken . i know im puting my amp up under teh bottom of the back fold down seat and bolting the sub box to the frame.

ummm, Gobe, i'll take JL over kicker any day. as for ebay, it is a great way to go if you know what your doing when you do your own install. any way you can save money is the best way most of the time.
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