Why a Parametric Equalizer?


Howdy all.
I just bought an alpine mrd-m300 to run a type R 10" sub.

I'm curious as to what the Parametric Equalizer REALLY does for me. Is it a way to specifically amplify certain frequencies?
The amp comes with both a low pass and a subsonic filter to narrow the frequency range anyway, so I'm wondering what I really need the Para Eq for?

Example: If I set low pass at 40hz, but the Equalizer center freq at 50hz, won't I only recieve the bottom of this curve??
--just confused.


Matt N.
The prametric EQ allows you to "tailor" the sound coming out of the amp and specify how wide or narrow of the frequncy band you want it to effect.

Your right about the low pass and subsonic filters. What I see may be a problem is that seting your low pass at 40 hz will drastically reduce you speakers output. This si especially tru since there is little to no music that actually has anything down in the 40 hz range. I would try setting your low pass at around 75 - 100 hz depending on your tastes. You probably find you'll have alot more bass output and that your sub can handle it quite well.

The EQ can also help give that range a little extra "oomph" if you so desire.

Best way is to play around and set it to your tastes.

Good Luck.

THanks Matt! I appreciate the response. Yeah I kinda thought 40hz was a little to low.

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