Is This Possible??????????


I got a 1000 watt pyramid amp, and I'm pushing three subs with it. And the way I done this is hooked all 3 subs to one + & - and then bridged the amp. Allright, so this is my ?, is it possible to add another amp thats the same onto these 3 subs to make 2000 watts evenly bridged on both amps?

you'll end up frying one or both of the amps. i've tried it.

Daniel R
Even OtherS?

Daniel R
Any Others*************????????

woah...make sure your not overloading your amp...if those are 4 ohm subs you are running way lower than 2 ohms...which is probably the lowest your amp can handle...if they are 2-ohm, it is even for putting the two amps together, it can't be done...only some high-end amps can do this with proprietary technology.

Can't get there from here David. If you want more power, save up and get two more amps..put one on each sub.

WOAH!!! is your amp one ohm stable cause if not this guy two up from me is right, your amp is in danger. And hes also right about high end amps, only good quality amps with phase 0-180 can be put together. You might want to think about using only 2 subs. It might even sound better.
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