Wireing amp to subs question..


ok i got a MTX Audio T612X2A
dual 12 4ohm enlosed sub box and a Profile Clarus CL1200 2 Channel 1200
Watt.. my 2 subs come out to 1 port negative and postive and my amp has 2
channles so i should be able to power both subs with each channle right?? so
i run both postives from the 2 channles on the amp to the postive on the sub
port and both nagatives to the nagtive on the subport.. when i do that it
dosent hit at all and the protechion light comes on but if i just run 1
channle to both subs it hits fine.. any sugestions....

also whats the best way i should wire my amp to my subs..

yeah man the first way you wired that sounds like it would be right but its not. ok i dont know how the subs are wired in the box but to use both channels to power both subs you have 2 bridge the amp which more than likly will be runnin at 4 ohms, but like i said i dont know how ur subs are wired in their box. so i would figure out the ohmage on the subs before i bridge the amp but if they match go ahead and bridge the amp- it should show you a diagram on how to do so in your manual, sometimes it is actually writtin on the terminals on the amp. good luck

gidday,ive got a 600watt lightning amp running 2 rear 550 watt 4way boshman 6by9s and ive bridged into 1 phillips 400 watt sub,out of my 6oo watt amp output im running a sony 222 amp to my front pioner 100 watt 2 way speakers,how do i change it so i can adust my front and rear speakers ps i got a pioner head unit 50by4watt,any information about this would b much apreiceated.

bo bo poo dooo
i got 5 1000 watt amps and six 15 inch mtx subs in the back of my pickup

Ok, in my car ive got my 32watt amp (18x2, it is an aftermarket stock), ive got it hooked up and everything seems to be alright with it, the 10 inch sub and the 12 inch speaker are fine, the deck is working alright so i know its not a fuse, there is power going to it, and there is power going to the speakers, there is also power running through the RCA cables. and there is no fuse, that i can tell of, that belongs to the amp. when i checked the pos. and neg. wires going to the amp i got something like -9 dc volt. and the negative to the remote amp wire is something like 9 dc Volt. im thinking that my positve wire is messed up. when i get my car back from the shop im going to change out the wires running to the amp from the deck, which are close to twice the size of normal speaker wire, with normal size speaker wire. does ne one have ne suggestions on what could be wrong.

ok i got 3 jl audio w3 dual, and a m.a. audio 1600watt full mosfet series amp i need to know how to wire it to my subs that well help it hit harder...and i also have 6 jl audio w3 with 4 m.a. audio 16oowatts and 2high vott jellcaps how would can i hook that up..

ho ho ho Lo dee do
squelch it dude!
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