First Time Setting up my sound system. Hope I could get some help



Its my first time setting up my sound system. Currently, I have a kenwood single cd player wired up to 4 speakers. There isn't any amp's installed except for the inbulit amp in the cd player. I was thinking of getting a subwoofer installed to get the bass sound pumped up. I got a second hand Rockford Fosgate 2 x 60 RMS amp which is bridgeable to a single channel giving me a 120RMS output. However, there's something which is bothering me here. Behind the amplifier, I see this being written :

RMS power : 2 x 60watts into 2 ohms

The subwoofer that I had is a 10inch 150watt rms 4ohm speaker

Will the installation work? I don't know much about soundsystems but the output at the amp is 2ohms and the speaker is 4ohms.

Also, the amp has a inbuilt corssover which has 3 settings, just wanted to confirm, the setting that I should choose is low pass for the subwoofer?

Lastly, as for the signal input for the amp, should I just get the signall off one of the wires going to any of the 4 speakers that I allready have installed? By doing this, will there be signall loss at the speaker that I have taken the signal from?

Sorry for all those questions, but I am very new at this. Thanks.

Harvey Jolly

Harvey,your amp is two 2 ohm stereo stable which means when you bridge the amp it is 4 ohm mono stable.In your case that is what your looking for.Yes,put the crossover on low pass.Does your head unit have any RCA connectors on the back of it?If so,you should use those to send a signal to the amp.If it doesnt,than you should connect the speaker level inputs from left and right to the amp,and no it wont take any power away from your other speakers.You wont break any records with that setup,but it will help enhance the bass.

Thanks for the reply MEXXX. You sure did clear the whole thing up. Yes, the head unit does has rca outputs and I've got some rca cables to rig the unit up. However, how do I get the power to the amp apart from using the cigarette lighter socket? And also, what is the remote feature on the amp? It seems that I need to attach some cables to it as well. Cheers MEXXX
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