Rockford Fosgate SUCKS!!!


Ok this is for all of the people on this forum that know about car audio. Come on u smart people and lets post about how rockford sucks hardcore. I mean its the most overpriced garbage ive ever seen. I know four lil rich kids that bought rockford amps for their cars because they were expensive and they thought they were gettin high quality stuff. ALL OF THE AMPS ARE NOW BROKEN. Everyone I know hates fosgate stuff. GO WITH AUDIOBAHN IF YOUR WANTIN TO SPEND MONEY. CANT BEAT AUDIOBAHN, but JL is good too.Thanks. Lookin forward to some replys haha.

Doug Meyers
Dude no joke Rockford is hella weak, i didnt understand y they had such a big business, then i realized how many stupid buy their stuff cause they are rich, like kids wearin abercrombie hahaha.

Jake Myers
rockford doesnt suck but is definately overpriced u can get an audiobahn amp for the same price as a rockford amp and it will be twice as powerfull.
guys definately go with audiobahn jl or kicker for the money rockford is wayyy overpriced
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