Why does my protection come on when I plug in the RCA's


help me
i have a boss riot 1400 watt mono block amp on a kicker L5 12...even with out the speaker hooked up the protection comes on when if the RCA's are plugged in. if they are not plugged up the power is on and it is ready to go....but as soon as i hook them up the protect comes back on....can anyone help me?????

get a new head unit. the one you have might not provide a good signal to the amp via the rca plugs.

I have the exact same amp(the read and black on right with the plexiglass?) pushing 2 10'mtx 6000's. That happened to me before. You may want to if you already haven't check your ground wire, your power wire, and your fuses. Something may be wrong in one of those areas. When my light came on it was because I had run a bad ground.

help me
i can run a smaller amp on the same ground and power lines...(a boss rip-495)and it will run good...the power and ground are 10 ga.
this amp goes to protect as soon as the rca's touch it...but it is powered up when the rca's are not on it...
what could be wrong....?????

do you really wanna know the REAL problem you have a BOSS amp what u should do is throw that crap away or sell it (and rip someone else off) because even if u do get it workin its not gonna be as loud as it could be with a real amp especially powering a good sub which u got. if u had a boss or legacxy or pyle sub itd be differernt but u got a nice sub and shi*ty amp so my suggestion is get an audiobahn amp (intake series- loud and affordable) or if moneys no biggy go with a rockford or kicker amp

yep that sounds like a plan boss is really shitty

Make sure everything is hooked up right... Sounds like the ground at your amp and the ground at your HU are different, and when the RCA's try to equal out the voltage it throws it into protect, because the amp sees a huge voltage on the input. Just a thought.

i have a 1400 watt Lanzar amp (VIBE 255). Protection light's on, but everything else lights up. When i hook it up to my subs (10" Type E alpine) there's a constant thump that comes out of the left channel. I took it apart to find a burnt resistor or anything, but i can't see everything, the fuses are fine, my ground's fine (i'd know if it wasn't cause i've got a capacitor), and it's getting the juice...any suggestions??

I have a boss rev1000 1600 watt amp. heres my problem when i turn on my system it hits once then shuts off the power light comes on but then it hits and the power light goes off and the protection light comes on here is some other stuff that you might need to know to help me awnser my question i have 2 gauge power wire 4 gauge ground. I am running off my factory cd player i have two rca converter boxes to run my rca's im saving for a dvd player/screen combo thats why im running off my factory cd player. Is the cd player the problem. Thanks for helping me.

I have a 1400 watt Pyle amp with 2 sony xplods when i get to a certian volume my amp goes on protection can u help me out i would apreciat it.

make sure the amp is stable to the speaker impedence. you can't run an amp at 2 ohms if it is only 4 ohm stable.

i have a sony explode 1'000 watt amp pushin 2 rockfrod fosgates 12's my amp keep's going in and out. i detach my face and put it back on and the beat goes back on. this amp hold's tow fuse's could this be because i need to replace one of the two fuse's hit me back up someone

Recently I bought two 12" alpine type r subs. And I just bought a Stretch daddy 2000 watt amp with a wiring kit. I got everything hooked up and the power on the amp turned on then I touched the ground wire from the cd player to the negative on the battery, and the fuse blew. so I bought some new fuses and put them in the cd player and now nothing will turn on. I checked the fuse on the outside of the amp and it was fine. Is there a fuse on the inside of the amp? If you could tell me why its not turning on that would be great.

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