Need a little help, have parts just help installing


Okay, I will try to give all the information I can on what I have. Lets start with head unit, alpine 7894, for subs I have 2 alpine type-r's 12" 1000w each max 1241d... now we get into the stuff I had to buy :) Amps - 2 weier 1000w each, cheap as hell off ebay... my box is just a normal sealed box, a little smaller than normal I think. I bought a monster cable install kit off ebay as well. Now I need to wire it all. My plans are as follows - one amp per speaker, that would work great except head unit only accepts 1 set of RCA wires as with other things.... How am i to do this? Oh, amps are 1/2/3/4 channel, would like to know best way to do this for mid-max power, dont want to break anything including my crappy fiberglass car... Am I going to need to buy another entire kit? Okay, enough rambling thanks for help ahead of time!! any thing u need to know to help me better let me know

Sounds like alot of power. If your amps are rated 1000 Watts Max you should be ok, but if they are 1000RMS, you don't need that much amp. you should probably get one 2 farad Cap or two 1 Farad Caps For your amps. If they are truly 100 Watts each your gonna need at least 2 farads. 4 gauge power and ground wire is also a must. Each amp I would run as a single channel, one per sub, the RCAs can be split so you can hook them up to both amps. I Hope this helps if not ask me.

How would you rate the WEIER 1000W amp? I'm trying to decide whether or not I should get one off of eBay. I mean, 1000 watts is a lot of power, but for the price, I'm concerned that they might blow.

first of all, don't listen to tom. capacitors won't do anything for you if your charging system can't keep up. have your alternator checked and see if it can handle the extra load. another important thing to do is upgrade your alternator and battery cables to 2 gauge. i'm a pro installer so take my advice.

how do i hook up the rca to my jensen amp because the rca colors are different from amp one is red the other is black on my amp and reciever is red and white

can any one help me on that

colors aren't a big deal anonymous...they typically represent the type use the cable is intended for (red/white are audio, yellow is video..) but this is realy irrelevant.

Hook one RCA cable up to each jack on the amp. If turning the balance to the right or left on the stereo results in the opposite effect through the amp, swap 'em.

can i hook the red on red and black on white

can anybody tell if i can hook red on red and black on white

just remember a little rule. red always goes to the right channel. if you follow this rule, you can't go wrong. and yes, you can hook the black on white as long as red goes on red.

thanks teflondog for the adive

any one know anythingabout the weier amps?
and if any one need some help i can help them out i just got certified to pofessionaly install stero

my hook up is to Focal speakers in the back pioneers in the doors and the back slots with two pioneer amps and this weier amp is what i am ordering know any info or questions post or better use aol messenger at menocide17 or yahoo menocide_17
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