Amp for 10" infinity subs


I just bought two 10" Infinity reference series subs (250W RMS) I want to know what amp/output would be best for these subs as far as hard bass but still maintaining clarity. I'm new to car audio, but have heard that having an amp that runs in the upper 1/3 is good, as in 150W?

John Kent
Hey luke. Nice subs. My friend owns infinity 10" subs and they pound! If each sub handles 250w rms then I would recommend at least a 1000 watt amp. You can find good Rockford Fosgate amps for less than $300. I saw one the other day on sale for $250 (1200 watts). I bought all my stuff at Best Buy and Circuit City. A good 1000 watt amp will feed each of your subs about 200w @ 2 ohms. That's more than enough power to set off nearby car alarms. Make sure it is a 2 channel amp. My brother used to buy imitation amps (for the price) only to have them break down on him. Rockford Fosgate is the only one that I know of that lasts for years. Everybody I know has a Fosgate amp that's at least 5 years old. It's more expensive but it pays off in the end.

rockford is okay, but costs too much and doesnt put out as much power as they say they do. if you want to be satisfied with your buy, go with JBL. they are cheap, the BP600.1 costs anywhere from 180-200 dollars and puts out exactly what it says 600 WATTS, so at 2 ohm, you will be getting a true 600 watts to your subs, but you may need to turn the gains down as those subs are rated at 250 watts and you will be giving them 300, and i know for a fact, that this amp will last you a long time, JBL makes the highest quality equipment for the money and i will always trust them. Rockford used to be really good, but they have been trailing off in the recent years, Best Buy and Circuit city sell mostly crap so i wouldnt buy from there, they swap out components and stuff to make it cheaper for them, its all a big scam. never buy from brick and mortar stores, they screw you over and most of their products are crap. JBL, JL, Kicker, eclipse, focal, stuff like that is what you can buy from stores.
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