Plz help stop noise


I just bought a alpine 3321 eq, which is really good for strengthen my system. However there is a a problem. When i start the car, there a noise and when i step on the gas, the noise get bigger. Some of my friends said that it is because my wiring wrong, but i tried to rewire couple of times and no effect. So plz help me make the noise stop.

Try a ground loop isolator.They sell them for the power wires with about a 10 amp power rating.If that doesnt do it,they make one that goes between the rca cables.BTW,that noise is a produced by your alternator.

wat ur saying is taht get the noise stopper right. But it gonna reduce my system power.


i guess u dont know much... But if it is the alternator then when i hook it to the deck it sound make the noise too. however the noise only happen when i hook it up with the eq. Thx anyway

Yes its the alternator you dumb fuc*k.You said it yourself," When i start the car, there a noise and when i step on the gas, the noise get bigger.".The noise "get bigger" when you step on the gas because the alternator starts to spin faster.Ever here of a little thing called logic?Start thinking with a little bit of it and you will have alot less problems.I try to help you and you tell me I dont know much?Fuc*k you,your the one with the simple fuc*king problem that I could have fixed in about five minutes if it was my car.

Heller stupido. If it is the alternator then when i hook on the deck alone it will make the same noise. Man plz no more advice. Even my lil bro know more than you.

By the way do you know that if something happen to ur eq ground then it also make the noise??

Hey I know exactly what this is. Your speaker wires and your rca's are prolly around the power. Dont run any wires next to the power wire that what the sound is from.

You know wat.. I think you might be right. However my 4 guage power wire is only run near to 1 speaker wire. So do you think this can be the problem for my whole system. Anyway i will try to seperate it to c wat will happen. Thx alot.

yes dereck, the interference will bleed all over the place.

Keep power wires on one side of the car and signal wires on the other. This is audio 101 and school's out!
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