Making a box w/ plexiglass


hey, i want to make a sweet box, carpeted and all, for 2 12"s subs.....the 2 12's facing the back seat in the trunk of a 98 cavalier and the plexiglass opposite the subs, so u can see the magnets, etc
any suggestions on if this is a good idea, and how to get a good seal w/ plexiglass would be great. Thanks a lot
links are welcome also.

also, i need help tuning the crossover on my amp to my tunes from 40-400......where would the ideal setting be? or what should i be around?

matt, the box size is relative to what your subs require. what kind do you have?

matt, make the box out of MDF but make the back wall (the one you want to be plexi) out of 3/4" birch or some other HARD wood. Not plywood, not mdf...hardwood.

Before you mount the back wall, cut out the window you want, have some 1/2" LEXAN cut that covers the hole on the inside of the box and leaves at least 2" overhang all around the window. CAREFULLY drill holes every inch or so through the plexi and before you screw it down, seal it with silicone.

Anything less will fall apart and even done like this they don't last forever.

p.s. 'Plexi' is what separates you from the candy in the machine...Lexan is what has enough strength to be used in construction.

i have 2 12" pyle blue edition subs...800 watt max (not sure if that is RMS, dont have them w/ me) running 500 watts (again cant remember RMS rating for the amp, Pyramid 480X i think)
right now i have one twelve hooked up, a legacy, and it has 500 watts runnin to it and it pounds like crazy (that is for u that dont like Pyle and Pyramid). It's in a (approxamate) 14x24x12 box of MDF board right now.
Thanks for the info and tips

p.s.: the amp is 500 to each sub.....1000 watt total
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