1 ohm load


i own 2 infinity perfect 12.1d's and 2 10.1d's. i was looking for an amp to power them. i was thinking about using a fosgate power 1051s. its got 525 rms x 2. when 2 of my speakers r paralelled (or however its spelled) together, they produce a 1 ohm load. my question is, when the speakers draw that one ohm load, thats one ohm per speaker correct. that would then equal a 2 ohm load making my 2ohm stereo safe amp not a waste of my time. am i right? any advice on this and any recommendations on another amp would be appreciated

i now know that the total load of the 2 dual 4-ohm voice coil speakers would be 1. any advice on the amp i should get?? the 1051s is not 1 ohm stable. i know of the us amps usa1000, but thats about it. any help as to a good amp would be a ppreciated

Asher I would recommend The Kicker 800.2 2-channel amp its 800x1 bridged@4 ohms if u wanna wire ur subs in series or 400x2 @2 ohms if u wanna wire them in parallel so u'd be puttin 400 watts a piece into both 12's and they can handle 350 puttin 50 more in them wont hurt and u'll have some great SQ and Spl.
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