Need help from you audio pros!!!


Hey people,

I am thinking of buying 2 sony xplode XS-L121P5 12" subwoofers and was wondering what kind of amp i should get w/ them that isnt too expensive. Thanks. By the way, I know most of you have been dissing sony, but if you got any better suggestion for me It would be well appreciated. The reason I chose sony, was because of the price. They're $120 CDN each, so I have a range of $700 CDN for subs and amp. If you can suggest me something good for that price, I would be very thankful, and sorry for not converting the price to US$.

Thank you

Polk Momo subs are way better than the sony P5's and there about the same price.Anyways for an amp I would go with something like the Mtx80001D or the Kicker 800.2.If u like sony sooo much maybe u should go with a sony amp lol.

Thanks for the suggestion, but like I said I choose sony for the price, which is affordable for me.

for inexpensive amps, jbl cannot be beat. they make really nice amps and they do not cost much at all. as for subs, go to and look at the kicker competition subs. they're better than sony and cost cheaper on that website too.

im thinkin the currency exchange rate is about $1 US= $1.60 CDN so that would give him roughly $440 to work with. considering most people's electrical systems cannot handle more than about 50 extra amps of current(thats pushing it with stock battery and alternator, but it can be done) i'll give you an amp recommendation and sub recommendation.

1. for the amp, i'd go with the JBL BP600.1 for the price($189 USD ($302.40 CDN) at so that leaves you roughly with around $260-$270 ($432 CDN) to work with for subs.

2.for subs, since you've got $270 USD ($432 CDN) left, i'd go with 2 12" adire audio shivas ($120 USD each) (or $192 CDN each)

or if you didnt want to spend as much(the shivas are better) you could go with the audiobahn AWT1251T for $89 USD each($142 CDN)

audiobahn AW1251T at

hope this helped.
if you want me to answer any more specific questions, just email me.
(email me by clicking on Derek I. right next to the post if you didnt know)

Thank you for the recommendations Derek

Thank you for answering a few of my questions before DEREK, but now I came upon a few subs dat I would consider purchasing. Therefore, I need your help!! What I want is something dat will set off car alarms, but also keep a clear sound. Clear sound more important.

I came upon a guy whos gonna sell me his two 12" Alpine type-R for 420$ canadian. At this price, it's amazing since each are 345$ CDN.
But, then at a garage, their's a guy who's a certified judge for audio systems told me to get the 12" JBL subs ( either the GT120 or GT120D is there a difference?).

I also told him that you recommended me Adire Shiva's, but he said he never heard of this and he's been doin competitions for awhile. He also showed me his trophies, therefore I'm recomsidering the shiva's. But if you can show me otherwise...

Now lets not put the price & offer into game. What do you think is best, considering this "What I want is something dat will set off car alarms, but also keep a clear sound. Clear sound more important."?

By the way, out of these choices they will be powered by a JBL 600.1 Power Series.
Thanks for the help

This certified judge where is he certified at Egypt cuz Adire Shivas are popular or at least where Im from they are

hydro, never heard of shivas either.
ps i have two 10's savards you could get but they're old.

Zac, which Savard 10's do you have? I have cash! :c)


i'll go look on the morning and let you know...i'll sell'em to ya cheap. i do remember them having a stamped basket and a large single stack magnet, maybe 60oz or more, i think the vc's are larger than 2, maybe 2.5, but as i said i'll check and let you know exactly what they are and thier condition in the morning.

Shivas are nice clean subs for a low power SQ application. Try using them in an SPL setup and you will regret it. If you gave them a good clean 500watts RMS you could kiss those fu*ckers bye bye.

this is why i recommended the 600.1, with his charging system that is almost certainly stock, and a mid range budget, 2 shivas gettin 300 watts each would work great. just gotta keep the gains down and u will be fine in most applications.

moto wishing in his head to zac:

"please tell me they are PRO series...please tell me they are PRO series...please tell me they are PRO series...please tell me they are PRO series...please tell me they are PRO series..."

the Rap and HI-Q 10's only had 40oz magnets...maybe :c)

Then again, those old 40oz were pretty darn big looking on thise 10" drivers...maybe not /c:

Holla back bud!

moto, was just there,pro series they are, i could only find one, i didn't have time to look for the other but i'm sure it's there. i have one in front of me right now, the serial # is 132319 and it's written on a sticker with an octagonal background, also reads "psycho-acoustics inc, baton rouge la 70814, and high tech speaker systems". it's not in very good shape however.
i thought i had put new surrounds on them but it still has the original,which does need to be replaced. you can order new kit from parts express or i can just send some with the sub(i have stacks of new cones from when i worked at mtx mitek). the point at which the spider(damper) meet with thecone has come loose. when you put the new surrounds on you have to shim it(VC) up anyways so just run a bead of high heat epoxy around it and it'll be fine.
i'll tell you what, you can have these things, just pay to ship'em, if you need me to restore for you then i would probably want somethin for'em. oh and i lifted the cone up to look at the vc color and they haven't been over heated. anyways let me know if you need my help restoring them. but they're all yours,(i'll go look for the other one soon)
my shop is located in beloit, wi, (right on the wisconsin/illinois border) you can e-mail me with detailed information at
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