8 guage or 4 guague..help please?


fast and too too furious
I just purchased a 900 watt rms sub and a 800 watt rms amp going into 1 channel at 2 ohms... I don't know if I should get a 8 guage or 4 guage amp kit and not sure bout what kinda fuse ...can anyone of you help me...i dont know nuthin bout guage ratings and sheeyet

fast n furious, 4 guage wire is what I would go with. the kit should come with a fuse. 4 guage is a plus if later you want to run 2 amps. {you could start your car with 4 guage} remember,in car audio,bigger is always better. and a fuse is no exception. bigger speakers,bigger amp, bigger box, and so on.{small wire translates into small power,smaller amperage,low power needs.{like your remote wire on your receiver}

Methodman bigger is always better with subs amps etc. but u can screw up a system using 2 gauge wire for a 500 watt system

Yea Hydro.... 2 guage wire would be a tad bit on the extreme side if your planning to run it to your tweets,or mids. I would have to agree with you.
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