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Steven Rhodes
your remote wire is just a little wire that goes from your amp and tells the amp when to turn on. Id hook it up to the ignition lead (orange wire) from the back of the head unit.

How do i go about hooking up 3 subs to one amp?? The subs are 10" type R's and i haven't gotten the amp yet, i'm waiting to see if i can hook the 3 subs up to one amp, and if i can what power amp i should get. HELP!

tommy g
im in the same is usually best to put 2 or 4 speakers to one amp and trying to figure out to hook one speaker/bazooka to a 2 channel using only one channel so i am wondering if im only using half of the amps power?its easy to see if you have one speaker wrong if it phases it doesnt bass loud so reverse one negative and positive..but ur amp might be overloading on one side and eventually mess up one channel if you constantly crank it. but i have seen 3 speakers and the amp last yrs..make sure u have the right fuses on the amp or add an extra one for about 3 bucks maybe with a slightly lower fuse such as a 12 instead of 15 on the extra fuse holder never higher than whats recommended and u should not have a bad problem

tommy g
maker sure you have a good amp with lots of power or else the more speakers is not going to make it sound louder..many 2 tens or twelves sound better than a crap load of speakers..if u dont have enough power.the more the speakers bounce the more bass u get..if you connect alot of speakers..and they dont bounce since their sharring the same power it dont make for the remote..if u cant connect it to the orange ignition wire like on older cars hook it to your fuse box..test with a test light for one that turns on with the ignition...and walla ghetto style base with black tape and all like mine

tommy g
good cheap brands are pioneer,sony,jensen,bazooka,pyramid,optimus..dont enter to many of thees amps in
good expensive amps....jl, audio,rockford,kicker,soundstream,coustic,but get a damn good warranty if you are using that 3 speaker combo if you are buying this expensive crap....

but how do i hook up the 3 subs to one amp?? i don't even know how to hook them up.

tommmy g
if you dont have directions its a little hard to explain..have u ever hooked up and amp?if not there are mostly three wires u have to worry about the #1 hot/red wire=main power supply goes to the battery or a wire or fuse box that is always getting 12 volts...#2 gound wire usually black goes to ground or metal chasis and #3 remote wire usually yellow or orange it goes to a 12 volt supply like the #1 redwire but put it to a wire that turns off with the ignition use a test light around 2$ or make one mcguyver style for a buck to find the wire that turns off with the key or use the fuse box one too..

tommy g
then hook up the rca/s wire from the radio to the amp and hook up the speakers with + to + and -to -and your set if you have 2 if ur radio doesnt have rca outputs your screwed and have to use the high outputs and thats alot of crap but still not that when adding that third speaker....if you are doubling up on one side of your amp...u can tell if your left or ride side is phasing which means it sucks and not bassing reverse your positive and negative on the third speaker and see which way sounds better...and your set for ghetto style bass

tommy g
hey if u live anywhere near harlingen,tx ...south texas i will hook that stuff up for a 12 pack of

hey if i hook up the remote wire directly to a 12V+ from the HU, would that be a good enough connection? and also i was wondering if i hooked it directly to the 12V+ from the bettery... would the amp be powered contantly even when the car if off or would i need a switch? thank you

how do u get the power wire through my cars firewall

ok, for the firewall question. There are already a grip of wires running from your battery and your fuse box throughout your car, ie. AC, head unit, lights, etc. You just have to locate your firewall hole and run it through. Make sure u take off the negative on the battery before! The firewall hole is normally located under the front pedals by the driver's seat. Strip away the carpet and you should see it. If not, you can drill a hole on your own, but make sure you put some form of protection around the rim of the hole u drilled so a sharp edge doesn't cut the power line and cause an explosion.

the remote in the back of your stereo is blue, u dont have to unhook your battery while hooking the radio up ive hooked up at least 500 stereos i work at audio king and ive never been blown up yet

Matt Edwards
what the hell happens when u have the amp hooked up and when you touch the ground to a ground the stereo comes on?

how do i fix my amp when i hooked the ground and + up backwords. how do i fix it

what wire can i use for my remote and does it have to be two seperate wires?

Hey true toker,maby you should lay off the bong for a while next time you try to install an amp.But to answer your question,the only way youll get it fixed is if you send it back to the company or find someone who repairs electronics.

And to the last post,any wire that puts out +12volts that you can turn on and off at will can be used as a remote wire.

the wire on my amp was hooked to the back of my cd stereo player in my car and i dont know how to put it back on the cd player its a bazooka amp the middle wire named (rem) in between the red wire that goes to tha battery and the other one how do i hook the rem wire up or where do i hook it up at?

What should I hook my 12 volt accessory (red) up to. I have a 2001 pontiac grand am, I think the factory wire is orange, but I'm a little hesitant on where I should tap off of it......
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