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I have a 1 farad monster cable capicitor powering three MTX amplifiers (2 thunder 6152s and 1 thunder 4244). Right now I have the power wire coming from the battery and connected to the + terminal of the capicitor. Off of that same terminal I have the same gauge wire (4) going into a 4-way distrubutor to power all the amps. I have the capicitor grounded properly. When I turn on the music and it starts getting loud there starts to be a high pitch whining noice that coinsides with my RPMs. As the RPMs go higher, the whining respectively gets louder. I am guessing that this problem is with my capicitor wiring seeing as I know nothing about them. Please give me some insight!!! Thanks

you have ground loop. You need to ground your capacitor and then do exactly what you've done with power. Get a ground distributor and wire your grounds just as you have done with your power wires. Right now your amps are all getting the same power source but different ground sources and causing alternator whine.

Should i get a compicitor if i only have a 1000w sony xplod amp that says to be running at 200w @ 2 ohms or 165w @ 4 ohms i really dont want to use a compicitor because i dont know how to hook it up any suggestions please help

Paulo Sergio
Marcus you only need a cap when set up is done and you see that head lights are deeming at bass peaks. ususally starting at 500 watts rms. you only are giving it at most 400. Also your alternator is a big help the more Ampers the less you need a cap. bottom line you don't need cap unless more wattage goes above 500-850 watts rms.
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