I have two power acoustik 12 and a Baua 15. I want to hook up a 300 watt Boss amp to the 2 twelves and I want to hook up a 400 watt Jensen amp to the 15. How do I run the RCA jacks so that the 2nd amp gets sound from cd player? The jensen has been hooked up for a while, but i just put in the boss yesterday. I have the power, ground, and remote wires hooked up, but how do i connect it to the radio, because the jensen is already plugged into the radio?

Fist, if you have an extra pre out on the back of your stereo use that.
Second, if one of your amp has a line out feed that to the other amp.
and it those fail, go to radio shack or audio store and buy 2 y adapter to slit the rca cable in two.

just like that guy said there should be an out put for rca jacks on the back of one of the amps but you also have to consider hooking up 12" subs with 15" sub. The hz are totaly different on the 15s than the 12s. It with more than likely have alot of bass cancilation and mold the two different bass's together
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