Amp connecting help.


I would like your recommendations. I have a PC275 Precision Power amp running my subs and I have just installed 6.5 Infinity component speakers hooked up to an Alpine amp. I'm now to the point where I'm going to order my receiver. I have one picked out, but it only has one set of preamp outputs and I have two amps. Now, the PC275 has another set of RCA jacks labeled output, I beleive when I had the manual it was for connection of another amp.
If I can use this for the Alpine amp driving the component speakers it would save me in having to get a receiver with two preamp ouputs. Will I lose any proformance by doing this? Would you use the PC275 amp with its ouput to drive the other amp, or would you just buy a different receiver that has two preamp outputs for each amp?
New at this,Please help

Vince W
If u gonna buy a rec.stick with alpine there cheap stuff is better than most companys good stuff.
Trust me never buy a rec. that does't have 4 or 6
RCA jacks money is no issue,save a little longer
to get a good receiver.
YES u can connect the alpine amp to your Pc275.
U will not lose any proformance.
But I would still upgrade the reciever to alpine
with 6 RCA for future upgrades,any good deals
u find no problem just drop it in.

Thanks Vince,
For your reply

vince w
NO problem.

is it possibe to use car amps and speakers at home? if so how do you connect it?
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