What do i do to get upto 150db what do i need?


Emily Maple
I need to know what i need to have to make sounds in my car louder than loud. so it sounds good and not crappy.....

Emily Maple
is it possible to have more than one amplifier, is it poss to have 2 amp that are the same make that have 640watt each

yes, it is possible to use more than one amplifier. one thing you have to realize is that your alternator cannot handle much more power than it is already supplying. if you put 1200 watts of power in your car. you will need to upgrade your charging system either way. well, first off i'd need to know what kind of car you have. do you have a price range that you are looking at, because its not too hard to get to 150 db if you have the right amount of money. a couple adire brahmas or a couple JL w7s properly powered could get ya there pretty easily. JL makes some good amps. so does arc, JBL, Butler, Zapco, etc....

Jim Strong
You only need two Rockford Fosgate POWER HX2 12"s and a bd1500.1 to hit 150. Put them in the recommended ported enclosure and run them at two ohms to the amp. You will hit 150 as long as you have a good source and a good crossover it will even sound pretty darn good. I have heard this setup in an Accord and it was very impressive. All in the trunk too. I remember the days when you had to have a truckbed or a wall in a car to hit 150. These days with the advancd subwoofers on the market it is a walk in the park. Hitting 160 is now the challenge for the average home built system.
Don't try to hit 150db with JBL amps though, they just don't have enough clean power.

1 hit 151 db's steady with 1 JL AUDIO 12W7& JL 1000-1 AMP. IN 96 JIMMY.

Dennis Budde
two kenwood 10" Excelon db+ hooked up to an kenwood 800watt amp, forgot model. Just give your amp a little better and quicker power by adding a cap (stinger 1 farad in my case) and i range from 146-153
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