Amp size to speaker size


I am looking into setting up a system in my truck. It is real tight behind the seat but i can get 2 10" MTX Audio subs in a truck box for behind my seat. My question is what size of amp would be best to use with those two speakers. Thank you for your help I don't know all that much about sound systems.

also, when i mount the amp can i mount it to the back wall of my truck (up and down) or do I need to mont it flat on the bottom of my truck.

i had an mtx amp mounted to the rear wall of my 98 tacoma no problems. just make sure you have a secure ground.

tommy g
u can mount it on your headliner if u other words it doesnt matter as long as it aint where it will get wet or too much heat like mounted in your outside cab or engine...hey if u could u could put a wooden spacers on the sides and mount those to the box so it can get air in the middle through the vents

this is Jake again. I have more questions about the amp. I still don't know what size amp i should use. What does bridging to a 2 channels mean. I am alittle confused between 4ch. and 2ch. setups. Also would a Alpine MRP-F240 2003 4ch. V-power amp work for the pair of MTX audio 10" subs?
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