Jake da Snake
i was planning on getting my trunk lined with dynamat($200). i heard that it eliminates trunk rattle as well as give a decibel boost. does anybody know if it is really worth the cash? many people tell me that there are cheaper alternatives. any advice would help.

Yes there are cheap alternatives but cheaper is not always better if you looking to use it your trunk i would get the trunk kit it cost about 120 dollars if in you area the kit cost 200 i would get of the net or somthin cuz 200 yes would be way high for the kit for 200 you could do you whole car. just let me know what kinda system u have and i could tell you if u have alternatives. if u have massive bass i wuould go with the dynamt here is a site that is the trunk kit

dynamat doesn't get rid of all the rattle. its purpose is to reduce it greatly. $200 to have them install dynamat in your trunk is very cheap. i would go for it. you could also do it yourself if you buy the trunk kit for $120 but if you're lazy then have them do it. i have my whole trunk lined with dynamat and although i still have a little bit of rattle still, it's way less than before i put in the dynamat.

i heard brown bread and fat mat works just the same and costs way less than dynamat.

slick rick
dynamat xtreme is way better than the original dynamat. the xtreme version is lighter and works 4 times better. i'd definitely line my trunk just to get the decibel boost. reducing the rattle is a bonus.

a way cheaper alternative would be to get ICE GUARD from home depot. it's used to weatherproof your roof. it practically works the same as dynamat but you can get 70 sq. feet for only about $75. if i were you i would just get the dynamat only because i like using things for their intended purpose.

has anyone tryed brown bread? id like some opinions before i do anything..

i've heard brown bread works but you have to use more than you would if you used dynamat. so even if you pay less for brown bread, you'd have to use a lot of it and buy more. in the long run you'd pay the same amount as dynamat.

brown bread has less refined carbohydrates, as well as higher fiber content than white bread. If i were you, I would use brown bread for everything except PB&J... that's just nasty.... oh... and grilled cheese. Brown bread is no good for grilled cheese either.

I'm looking at buying some too. Brown Bread, Fat Mat and Thunder Mat are all considerbly cheaper on eBay vs the Dynamat. I think it is a name brand vs generic war... if dynamat is better, it isn't by much at all, because any sound deadener is going to give you massive gains, and any additional gain can't be worth like the 7x price inflation of dynamat over the others. Even if you have to use twice as much of the generic stuff, it is still half as much for twice the material. I think I'm going to buy either brown bread or Thunder mat.

When you say use twice as much, do you mean put the wrapping on top of previously layed wrapping or do you just get less of the wrapping in the kit.

What does the ICE GUARD stuff look like? Someone suggested I use another alternative called Weathershield but I was turned off when I found out one side is rough textured like a roofing shingle. Is Ice Guard like that too?

I used brown bread throughout my car and it works great and is considerably cheaper than dynamat.Another great trick for the trunk is to fill the trunk lid support structure with expanding foam.The whole point of dampening is to increase the weight of the resonating object as to lower the resonant frequency.So whatever you can get to stick that adds weight will help.

Some people say that Brown bread is no good because its materials are sensitive to hot.

Other say that is the best option and it is most affordable than other materials.

What is your choice? I would like to know.

Yes it does melt at high temps,but the only place in a care you would have to worry about it is the engine compartment.All that brown bread is,is tar with an aluminium backing,simple but effective and cheap
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