Whats the peak?


I just bought an Audiobahn A8002T amp that is 400 watts rms by 2 at 2 ohms. I was wanting to know the total peak power on this amp. I think it is 1600 watts but I can't find out the total power on any websites. Does anyone know the peak wattage on this amp- while running in 2 ohms?

THX~ jon

well the peak power rating 4 that amp is most likely somewhere between 800-1200 watts. why do you want to know the peak power? peak doesnt mean anything, you always want to go by the RMS rating.

Ok thanks for the help. I was just curious what the peak was. I wanted to make sure it wasn't too high over 1400 cuz thats the peak of both my subs. thanks again for the help.
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