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T Diddy
Hey I have had my MTX 81000 for a while and it has been working fine, But today it shut of, and it has done it before but turned on imidiatly but this time it didnt and still doesnt work. I went home came back started it the amp light went on for a sec then went off and still doesnt work. Whats the problem????
The amp need ) gauge wirring Iam running 4 is that the problem and if it is how come it worked alright for 2 weeks????

i cannot determine what your problem is... i suggest checking your power wire with a multimeter or test light...

T Diddy usually the problem is wiring try re-running all of ur wires to ur amp and check all of ur fuses it could be just a small fuse that melted so check ur fuse box for that.Last thing I can think of is ur amp isnt able to handle the impeadence that the subs are giving it just tell me what kinda subs u have and how do u have them wired:Parallel,series,bridged to the amp?

Similar thing happened to my friends amp and all we did was sand down the points were the ground makes contact with metal..
Maybe you have same problem? maybe not!
Post us on what happens.. goodluck

T. Diddy
Thank you for helping out. Well I have an MTX 81000D and 1 mtx 9512 dual 4 ohm. I have it parallel to 2 oh. It worked fine for 2 weeks that why Iam not sure that its the wiring. Although I have a new battery and I am using 4 guage and mtx suggests 0 gauge. So I dont know I checked it with a multimeter I get good 14 volts from a brand new battery. And it was wierd because yesterday it didnt power up at all. In the morning the light came on when I turned on my deck then went of in like a second. After school the light came on and was blinking. I was driving to the store to get the amp bench checked and the light came on the sub started working lol. When I started driving home lol as Iam almost home and the sub is working fine it starts to cut out again more and more and freaking out the sub so I turned it off. When I turned it on again the light just blinks for a while then turns off. This is hella frustrating MTX told me to get another battary and 0 gauge wiring but I tell them if it worked this long (2 weeks) why freak out now. So thank you for any help. If you know whats wrong please help me out. I just hope its as simple as wiring problem but if the amp or sub is broke then its really really sad. But again if the amp was broken why did it turn on the next day and then turn off again. By the way it rains alot here is it possible water got in the fuse holder under my hood and cause a proble?

T. Diddy
Hey I got my stuff bench tested and the amp works great. I checked my wiring and there was water in the fuse holder and the fuse so Iam guessing this is the source of the problem. Iam going to by some really nice 0 gauge wiring. So I havent run it for long yet but hopefully it wont shut off.

Nice to hear u found the problem

Yeah that wasnt the problem lol it shut off again. But I was cleanin my engin and I notice the wire isnt connected very well to the battery. I pushed the wire and boom boom boom.
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