PLZ HELP! Sony P5 XS-L121P5 12"


Hey guys I just purchased 2 New 2003 Sony P5 XS-L121P5 12" Component Subwoofers and I was wondering if these are any good???? I am on a budget and got 2 of these subwoofers for 90 bucks on ebay.. and also I am wondering what amp i should use to push them... thx ian

Those subs don't need 2000 watts, just get ahold of a solid 500-watt(ish) amp and make sure they are properly crossed over either with an onboard amp/crossover or an external lowpass crossover.

Don't beat them to death and they should serve you well.

alright thx alot... are there any specific amps that u know that would work good for me??? cuz i raelly have no idea

Jbl Amps are a good price and they have good quality.

alright thx money man.. but i just wanted to say i am on a realllly tight budget haha so whats a cheap amp like 60-70 bucks taht will just last awhile and have some power behind it, just for now... i will upgrade it later when i get more money.... thx

Ian, check out and They carry the less expensive brands and sell at a fair price. Of course, there's always Ebay. $70 will let you walk away with a clean used amp.

Watch the shipping charges either way

alright but what size of amp do u think i need to push those 2 Sony P5 XS-L121P5 12" Component Subwoofers... like watts?

These would work well:

I running two Power Acoustik Furb 12's. My head unit is a Sony Explode and also my amp, which is the Sony Explode 760 watts. I wired the subs for a 2 ohm load. My problem is that the subs are not pumping as I thought it should. They really are not pumping anything, just some small bass. Someone told me that I should run the Sony Explode 800 watt mono amp that run 400 watt at 2 ohms. Is this correct? I want to stay with a Sony amp so me getting another brand will be out the question. I am trying to produce some deep low loud bass. Do I have a good combination if I do this?

Richard, that amp at 2-ohm should be plenty of power on those subs. Sure, they can handle more but that's a lot of power and it should impress you.

Since those subs each have dual 2-ohm voice coils I'm concerned that you are running that Sony amp at 2-ohm mono, it won't like that for long. You'll probably be better off wiring each sub's coils in series and running the amp at 4-ohm stereo.

Are they moving really well but not making much bass? If so, they are probably out of phase. To check this just take one speaker lead and swap the (+) and (-) orientation to reverse it's polarity. If it sounds better, cool. If not, put it back the way it was and check the leads bridging each sub's voice coils to make sure they aren't crossed up.

I think you either have a phase problem or you're just expecting too much...

I wouldn't get rid of the 760 and get an 800, I'd get another 760 and run one mono to each sub. That will work well :c)


Will 4 ohm be less power such as bass? Also the 760, when I tried to bridge it the amp shuts off. It gets an over load. It only pumps I believe 1 hundred something watts at 2 ohms. Is running my amp at 400 watts at 2 ohm bad?

Richard, is your 760-watt amp the 2-channel version or the 4-channel version? Either way, you should NOT run it at 2-ohm mono.

If you have the 4-channel version, running it in 2-channel mode is bridged mono. If you have the 2-channel version, running it in 1-channel mode is bridged mono.

What kind of box should I have for 2 Sony P5 XS-L121P5 12" Component Subwoofers ?

The amp i will be running is a Sony 800watt Class D.
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