Childish slamming of inexpensive brands


Funny how people are quick to say this brand sucks and that brand is the best. This is all opinion.

I've owned almost every brand of amp at one time or another and to tell you the truth, Legacy/Pyramid isn't all that bad. Yes, they drastically overrate their power. No, this does not mean they should all be thrown away.

If you are on a tight budget and want more power, there is nothing wrong with using Pyramid or Legacy. They are quick to honor their warranty and you'd be surprised how much pavement pounding you can do, dollar for dollar, with Pyramid compared to one of the more expensive brands.

Start from scratch, give me a $700 budget and I'll buy all Pyramid. You take the same budget and buy all Alpine (or whatever.) Let's see who can bust a higher SPL in the lanes.

Grow up. Stop ripping on one brand just because you think it's inexpensive. We all start somewhere and I think Pyramid makes a GREAT product for the price they charge.

the Bright one
shut up dumass your so wrong
for starters, Overrated subs can ruin your system if u are setting it up right. second, you will NOT bust a higher SPL with a $700 budget by going with Pyramid instead of Alpine. Third, you have not owned even near every brand. fourth, yes they should be thrown away, as should every person in this world that says (A. Sony, B.Pyramid C. Jensen or D. Lighting) is good

"the bright one" your eloquence is obvious and your ignorance is about to be painfully obvious.

First of all, I am not a dumbass and I am not wrong. I'm an electrical engineer who spent almost 8 years in the mobile audio business designing demo vehicles and evaluating new products. I have forgotten much more than you will ever know about anything involving electricity, especially the 12volt world.

"Overrated subs can ruin your system if u are setting it up right."
You'll have to explain how running overrated subs will 'ruin your system.' ...if u are setting it up right? You don't even make sense.

"second, you will NOT bust a higher SPL with a $700 budget by going with Pyramid instead of Alpine"
correction, your $700 will be burned up on the head unit, cabling, and maybe a speaker or two. This much of a system isn't going to touch what I can do with Pyramid on the same budget.

"Third, you have not owned even near every brand."
You'd be surprised at how few manufacturers there actually are. Most of what I have owned was demo stuff and promotional items...given to me in hopes that I would recommend it to others after trying it but you have no idea who I am or what I've owned. You sure make this statement blindly...makes your 'word of authority' seem to be null.

"fourth, yes they should be thrown away, as should every person in this world that says (A. Sony, B.Pyramid C. Jensen or D. Lighting) is good"

Well, if this isn't just offensive. I'm assuming that you have something worth discussing? Probably not...your posting shows your age and you can't even drive yet.

finally someone mature enough to have a legitimate conversation on this message board with. i've stated it before, if you are short on cash, go ahead and go with pyramid, but me, im not short on cash, and with 700 dollars, i just bought a 230 dollar JBL 1200.1 off ebay, a slot ported enclosure(70) and a RE HC 12 from discount car stereo. for 230. but then again, that leaves me 170 bucks for HU and speakers, in this case, i already had a head unit, but if i wanted to, i could get a pioneer deh-p350 for 115 off ebay. and i just got a deal on a pair of memphis power reference 6 1/2s from soundsational for 55 dollars.

as you know, in most cars, there is not an absolute need for a rear sound stage, and the 2 6 1/2s with swiveling tweeter should do great.

so lets add that all up.
700 and i already have a head unit so that would be arond 585.

i could build my own box and save myself some money there too, but i just dont usually have the time for that kind of thing any more.
I work for the HNTB corperation in seattle, also as an electrical engineer, and i can see where you are coming from. a lot of these people have such bad speaking skills that it seems as if they have not even come through grade school yet, let alone driving.

from my installation experiences, i too have owned or tested most brands existing today. yes, me or you could build an enclosure or system that makes the pyramids sound great, and im sure the 700 dollars is not necessary.

2 "1600 watt amps" $160
HU $52
6x9s $27
subs $70
5.25 components $35
box building materials $60-80 at most.
so you dont even need close to 700 dollars
that comes out to $424 there and it would be a close match, the excursion on those HC subs is incredible, especially when you have the right kind of power going to them.

anyways, its always good to talk to someone with a brain.

as for the guy that posted against you before, he cant even spell his own curse word right, let alone speak in a mature manner or speak of anything with any relevance to this discussion in the first place.

Personally, i would never buy a piece of pyramid equipment and i never have, thats just how i am. the build quality is just not what i want in a piece of equipment, but for kids that just want "more boom" haha, theyre great i guess.

if u ever want to chat off here, its always nice to have a fellow EE to talk to about certain situations, whether it be at work or at play.

i agree with motoman22..but what about like pyle. what do you have to say about them

sean, Pyle used to be quality stuff but I guess they got bought out and their quality is now in the same neighborhood as Pyramid and Boss.

If you can afford better, get better. If you're running on a tight budget and will likely never save up the cash needed to buy an Alpine type product, go for the Pyle if you like it.

The biggest problem I have yet to find with the lesser brands is installation. The 'cheaper' brands are very unforgiving on installation errors where the better brands are pretty tough. It only takes the slightest slip of the hand or one little 'oops' to fry an inferior amp. On the other hand, I connected a Punch 30 completely backwards once...and it just popped a fuse.

There is a serious difference in quality between a 'cheapo' and a brand name, you typically get what you pay for.

Ebay is a fantastic place to find bargains just as Derek pointed out. Be sure to check the feedback on the seller and see what they have sold before...that they don't sell broken crap.

We all have a blown amp or two laying around that we plan to have fixed 'one day' and you never know when that is what you are bidding on.

Ooooh, this is so excellent. 2 electrical engineers in a discussion about the quality of speakers. I almost drooled at the experience. Well, I guess I'm one of those people on a tight budget (an incoming college freshman, of course I'm on a tight budget). So if my recently ordered pyramids (4 inchers and 6x9's) are at least decent, I guess my only problem is installation...But we'll see...I'll share when I'm done installing them.


Andrew, you'll probably be surprised at how long those speakers can last if you treat them like you should. I'd love to hear how it goes...won't be long before you're adding some subs (maybe after you get your difference check?) lol!

Feel free to email me if you have problems, I'll try to help :c)

there are several things to look for when buying a quality amp-

1 look at the power fuses. When you find an amp claiming to push 1000 watts but only has one 20A fuse then it is total b.s. I currently own an Audiobahn 1200x1- it has 3 30A fuses... take that 90 amps x 14V and u get 1260 watts (so this amp is capable of actually putting out the claimed 1200 watts)

2 Does it have internal fans? I am a big believer in internal cooling fans- they are a big help in overheating problems

3 Does it even have any kind of internal fuses? A guy i use to work with blew up his RF 1000.1 bd amp- I am an electronic technician, so i cracked it open to have a look- the amp dosn't have internal fuses of any kind- so when you push it too hard it just blows transistors instead. (great design there lol )

you can find a lot of good deals on decent name brand amps and subs on Ebay- don't waste ur time on anything legacy, pyramid, or pyle (i would reccomend audiobahn all the way)

I run a pair of audiobahn 12" 1100 rms subs and an audiobahn 1200x1 amp- including the 2.5F cap and my pioneer 550 HU i have about $675 in my system and it sounds better than most other systems costing twice as much

Dominic L.
yah my budget was 300 dollars..bought a bandpass box, 800 rms audiobahn amp, 2 10" audiobahn 400rms ea subs..and a 800w amp wiring kit..:-D


Dominic L.
and my mom gave me this sony head unit 2003 series with 2 years of xm radio

SHAUN-I have a question.I was reading your comments on "an amp claiming to push 1000 watts but,only has 1 20 amp fuse..." Then I read the math that you did for amps times voltage.Is that how you figure what wattage the amp can actually put out? If so,is that RMS or max wattage? My amp has 2 30 amp fuses.I looked at the certificate of performance for my amp and in the category "Power Source Voltage it read 12.4 volts.So that means 12.4 times 60 = 744.Is that right?THANKS

QUESTION? I have a planet audio PA3002 amp with 2 PPI 12" svc 4 ohm woofers.Interior speakers are 4"x6" front-6-1/2" rear.Both are Pioneer.My amp is RMS POWER 4 ohms- 150w x 2.......MAX POWER 2 ohms- 300w x 2......BRIDGE MONO POWER 4 ohms- 300w x 1.It is also 2 ohm stable but, not when bridged.Right now I have my woofers running straight to the amp(1 woofer to 1 channel and 1 to the other) at 4 ohms.It pumps nice.Now, my interior is being powered by my head unit,which is 45w x 4,and I think it's time to put some power to them so, my car is not just rumble.I want some sharp, tight bass too.I know how to wire my woofers to 2 ohms.If I wire my woofers to 2 ohms and hook them to a channel my amp will see the 2 ohm load and give me 300watts?Which is what I'm putting to them now anyway.This way it leaves me another channel.Can I then put a 4 ohm load on the other channel even though I have a 2 ohm load on the other?Can I wire my 6-1/2" 4 ohm speakers down to 2 ohms the same way as subs?Please help me with this.I want some interior sound to work with my woofers.My interior is.. rear----6-1/2" 4 ohm 50 watts nominal-180 watts max..front----4"x6" 4 ohm 20-30 watts rms-120 watts max.Please help me figure out a way to get my interior some power. THANKS in advance!!!

Vinsullo, the fuse ratings give a good indicator of the amount of current the amp 'can' demand. The design of the amp and the quality of the components within are what dictate how much power can be made with a specific amount of input current.

His point is that if you have an amp which claims to produce 1000 watts but only has a single 20-amp fuse, it's a scam. There really isn't a single solid formula to determine how much power the amp makes based on the fuse rating, especially with all the different concepts out there (MOSFET, T03, Class D...)

As to your second set of questions:
"If I wire my woofers to 2 ohms and hook them to a channel my amp will see the 2 ohm load and give me 300watts?"
"This way it leaves me another channel.Can I then put a 4 ohm load on the other channel even though I have a 2 ohm load on the other?"

Don't do this, keep the load on the amp balanced.

"Can I wire my 6-1/2" 4 ohm speakers down to 2 ohms the same way as subs?"

Bad idea, dropping the impedence means the amp is more noisy (THD rating goes up.) This is OK on subs but bad on highs.

"Please help me with this.I want some interior sound to work with my woofers."

Buy another amp, you won't need much.

Ok.MOTOMAN22-I have a legacy LA 320 Series 2 RMS- 220watts x 1 bridged into 4 ohms------RMS per channel-110watts x 2-----2 ohm stable(not bridgeable for 2 ohms)but is 2 ohm stable.I don't know,it's sitting on my floor,in my room and I know it's nothing great but,it is an amp.It says 500 watts but I searched online for some RMS readings for it and the above mentioned RMS is what I found.If indeed it does put out 110 x 2 at 4 ohms, can I still use it for my 6-1/2" pioneers?Please tell me if how I can use it if possible.THANKS!!!

yeah, the amp would work pretty well for giving your pioneers some extra power. much more than your head unit at least. just be sure to keep the gains down on the amp at all times :) in any application, its always a good idea.

Vinsullo, the 320 is perfect for your 6.5" speakers. The amp does have the ability to blow this type of speaker right out of their frames so be conservative with the gain settings and make sure you have some sort of high pass filter...don't want bass notes going through that amp and into those speakers.

Don't try to bridge it, just run one channel to each speaker and start tuning with low volume.

Well I have been following this,

In my case the setup has be cheap. I want to upgrade my 25w Panasonic head unit on my 1800 Goldwing. The speakers I have installed are 5" Polk EX350's front and rear. I'm very limited on space and at this point the only amp that I have found that would fit the mounting space I have is the Audiovox AMP604

Any imput would be greatly appreciated!

Never been an Audiovox fan...but I hear they were the shiznat back in the 8-track days. If it fits and it's cheap enough, why not?

"but I hear they were the shiznat back in the 8-track days"


i know motoman22 is right I have spent thousands on systems and I say my Jensen and lightning audio gave me the best sound ever. My Fosgate six by nines did sound like crap. So did my Fosgate 18 inch sub. Iget more bass from my 12 inch Jensen than I did with the Fosgate and a 1000 watt 1 channel fosgate amp.

im pretty good with installs and im pretty smart when it comes to figuring things out, i havent messed with it much but my friggin subwoofer amp seems like its not putting enough power to the subs ... i just put in a new pyramid amp to power some cheapo lanzars and now my type E's are working well i have 2 power wires comming from the + batt terminal and there grounded well... i dont know what else to do ...thanks
-kenwood 2x150rms @2ohms
-pyramid 2x35rms @ 4ohms
-4x 5x7" alpine type S's
-2x 4" lanzar (not bad)
-2x 12" type E alpine
-alpine head unit
-2x 8 guage amp kits (not that i needed it for the pyramid)
HELP me make the subs work better!!


Motoman22, is the new Boss ripper series any good. i was thinking about getting a RIP995 which gives out roughly 1000watts rms

Hello I was thinking about running 2 rf he2 15 and a audiobahn 800t intake amp. Do you think the amp is worth the money and would my system sound ok please let me know. The amp says 800wrms at 2 ohms and the speakers are 500wrms a piece.

Amp cost $200
2 15 cost$200
great part about it its all new and off of ebay!!

James,the audiobahn would work just fine but I think you would be dissatified with only 800 watts on 2 15s.Look around and see if you can find somethin else.

James Holley
so do you think I would hit in the 140db range

2 15s with 800 watts on the new IASCA mics?It all depends on the enclosure and vehicle,but I think it should do it,but not very much more than that.

Yo motoman22, back to what this post was about.

You know your right it is all opinion. I have friends with Jensen, boss, Legacy, Cerwin V. all the "underground" audio stuff and it works just fine, execpt for the boss and Cerwin. But people have got to understand that you can make anything sound good, if you know what your doing. This includes matching the subs to the amp, making sure you have the right box, etc. Although it is, "you get what you pay for", because those audio components aren't built as well as the name brand more expensive stuff like audiobahn, infinity, pioneer, etc.

see personally i stay away from audio components that i can't trust 100%, but for some people on a tight budget lighting audio is just fine. Just personally if i saw a car with boss subs and a Jenson amp i would walk away laughing, but what ever works, works.

I have enough insite to agree with both sides on this matter, but more people need to be alittle bit more mature.

Thanks Motoman22

WHAT? I think you need to practice what you preach you fuc*king moron. Did you or did you not reply to the post "Boss amps any good?" with

Thursday, October 16, 2003 - 08:47 am

and now you post

I have enough insite to agree with both sides on this matter, but more people need to be alittle bit more mature.

????????????????get a clue SHOUDER
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