Tube car amplifiers



I am looking for the best car tube 4-channel amplifier.
Could somebody help me with links ?
Thank you in advance.


Bob Kiss

BAZOOKA's amplifiers are well desigined for tubes; 2,4 channels amps

go to , i think the website is still under construction , thats all what i know , good luck

Hi I don't know what that guy Mike was thinking ...I guess maybe he misunderstood your post or something but anyways, so you're looking for the best car tube 4-chan amp huh? Well, I have maybe the best SQ amp ever made for the car right now and that amp is the Butler Audio Tube Driver Blue 475. You can check it out at or you can ask BK Butler(original amp designer) anything that you like about his amp at Just go to the TubeDriver manufacturer forum and you're set. This is the best SQ amp that I've ever heard for both the car and or home from the standpoint of SQ/dollar so I think you get my point.

Hey BobKiss, I have to agree with Kevtn8 about the Butler Tube Driver Blue 475. I had an older (non Blue) BK TD475 and can bear witness to the fact that these are the best SQ amps available. Having heard the newer Blue line-up of amps, I think they sound even better. So much so that I purchased 2 of the new Tube Driver Blue 275 amps and find myself wishing I had a longer drive to work. Anyway, take a listen for yourself and I am sure you will agree.

Mcintosh ams are not tube, but if you have a chance listen to one.

I'm looking at the older 1500 Butler tube amps.
I have some B & W MASS speakers that I picked up cheep off ebay. 4 tweeters, 6 mids, and a sub with 2 8". The tweeters and mids have the LX40 x-overs, But thinking of useing a Butler x-over also.
I do have a small problem with the speakers, I have no spec's on them. Don't even know the power handling or x-over points.
Is anyone familliar with them?

i have an older model tube driver amp...model 475 for $500...if anyone is interested, please email me

Steve Ross
I just bought a USAMPS 4360 tube 4 channel and its amazing same sound as the butler but lower price I am hooking it up to a set of Focal which I bought and when I did they were hooked upto a butler nice sound!

Hi, in case you can't afford a Butler tube amp (which I hope to do soon after seeing reviews) you might enjoy one of the Planet Audio (hybrid)tube amps. They sell for a steal on eBay, and are really good...but hard to find. I've got 2 in my car and immediately could tell the difference from my old solid-state amp (PPI Art Series).

Just thought I'd metion it....

WHATS WITH THESE TUBE AMPS... there are better quality car amps out there with better wattage, sq, and distortion ratings with much lower prices out there.. are you not looking.. i dont mean to come off as bad.. but think about it.. a tube amp.. thats like looking for a 500 watt amp, and having a choice between Legacy 500 amp(if it were 500 watts it would have big distortion).. or a JL 500/1 amp(it is DEFFINATELY 500 WATTS,and it has very little distortion for a class D amp), and picking the legacy 500.. im not saying those tube amps arent worth the money... but why get them.. just to say.. i have a tube amp in my car.. in my opinion, they are just not worth the extra money... not to mention all the vibration in the trunk, from subs if you have them.. or just from the road in general.. im just saying there are better VALUE amps out there, with better wattage ratings.. for much cheaper.. if you only need small wattage, well get alittle more and turn it down.. always good in getting better distortion ratings...

Check out Milbert amplifiers, only $2,500.00

Tube amps seem to have less power but sound wise there is nothing out there that can match the sound quality even the more powerful solid state amps sound "thinner" than a Butler amp. You have to hear it to see what I mean. To demo you have to have good speakers and you have to hear the amps side by side. To describe the sound I have to say that It is just a more open and warmer sound. This is very subjective and depends on the type of music you listen to. If all you listen to is Rap and Rock a tube amp may not be for you but if you listen to all kinds of music than a butler amp is the best way to go.It isnt about spec's on paper but how you like the way it sounds.
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