Alphasonik wire harness


Help, I Took an old alphasonik amp out of my closet to reuse in my work van and I cant find the harness that plus into the side of the amp

Its a model PMA 4050

Can anyone help with a schematic or a molex pin out

I'll get pictures of the end of my amp (PMA-4035, same connections) and label what color each pin represents...or would you rather just have a list of the internal wire colors and what they represent in the connector? That may be easier if you plan on removing the connector and wiring directly to the leads..

Until then, here's the color code IF you had the connectors...don't think the colors match up inside but maybe?

Red = battery(+)
black = ground(-)
orange = kick-on(+)
gray = RIGHT + speaker
blue = RIGHT - speaker
brown = LEFT + speaker
green = LEFT - speaker

Note: There is an orange kick-on in each of the two plugs but you only need to use one of them to turn the amp on.

I am looking to use the amp in 4 channel mode with the speaker level outputs from the stock delco radio.
in the amp are 5 input wires and 8 output wires.

the inputs are yellow, white, yellow w/white stripe, white w/black stripe, and violet(gnd).

the outputs are green, grey, blue, brown, and another identical set with a white stripe. I think I can figure it out if I connect 1 channel at a time.
The strange thing is that the inside of the amp says alphasonik DP 200

Interesting gamoto, my 4035i doesn't have high-level inputs...or it doesn't anymore.

I'd get a high-low converter (or two of them) and use the RCA inputs anyway. The high-level inputs make too darn much pink noise for me.

The output colors match the code I posted before, the striped set must be for the rear channels.

DP 200 ... That's an entirely different line of amps! My board says PMA-4030 on it and the case says 4035i. Apparently there wasn't much difference in these 'updated' amps afterall.
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