Best amp to push 2 ohm mono


Charles B
I recently purchased 2 infinity kappa perfect 10.1's. the RMS on these is 350w. They are 4 ohm load. I am wondering what amp would be best to run these. I am under the impression that it must be a 2 ohm mono stable amp. Is this correct? Thanks.

hi Charles, it all depends on your budget there are several good amps to drive your subs , the amp doesnt need to be 2 ohm stable , thats only if you run the speakers in paralell , thus making the amp see a 2 ohm load , you can get a regular 2 channel amp and run them normaly , you can even use a 4 ch amp and bridge it into a 2 channel to run your subs in 4 ohms , this is just to show you that you have many options , going into 2 ohms is not the best option somtimes , an amp will use more current in 2 ohm load also making it run hot and when they run hot they decrease in performance , you need to spend a nice penny on a decent amp , i have one 12.1 perfect sub in my system and i love it

dan mack
I run a rockford fosgate 750s to two infinity perfect 12.1d's at a 2ohms paralle. when you get the ohm load correct with subs the earth will move, so as said above if you don't spend the money your sound will suffer, seriouly.

mike y
i recently bought a pair of 400 RMS 12' kicker comp subwoofers 2ohm(FOR A REALLY LOW PRICE), MY AMP PUSHES 300 RMS 4OHM,I am wondering what will happen if I put them together. is there another way I hook this 4ohm amp with this pair of kicker sub with a hazard ( i will hate to have to get rid of these subs)?

I have a Sony Explode 1200w D-Class Amp 300x1 at 4ohms 600x1 at 2ohms 1200x1 at 1ohm. It's pushing 2 solo baric L7' it's mono but its 1 ohm stable so it has two speaker outputs, you hook one to each voice coil to get 1ohm load. I just wired one to each speaker in a paralell (did not wire the speakers together) and the bass hits so hard my chest hurts in the front seat when it turned up like half way. I you are planing to run a high power amp(600w or more) I recomend getting a capactor and 4 guage power wire because mine dimmed my headlights alot, and it seemed like after it had been running for 15min or so the bass did't hit as hard. i went and got both and now I have no problems at all. But be careful I hooked one output to each voice coil of one 4ohm MTX 6000 12" it hit as hard as 2 of them for a few minutes then melted something so the cone could no longer move and it caught on fire.

You'd be surprised how powerful the Pyramid Mono Block is... It's a class D amp so it's not for the mids or highs but if you've got a properly crossed over system with subs that can handle the power this SOB laffs at 1ohm mono and can push almost 2000 watts. I'm sure your Infinity subs can handle it, at least for a while. check out for a good price, Yoshi is a decent guy.

I had 2 JL W3-D4 10" subs in a custom box. Pushing them I have a 600/1 mono Crunch amp.I recently acquired 2 more JL subs of the same type. I am looking for a amp that can push 1000/1 at 4 ohms (but am not successful), or any other suggestions on how to wire them using no more than 2 amps.

Luke, Why not connect the coils of each sub in series and then parallel each sub. This should equate to a 2 ohm load (4+4)//(4+4)//(4+4)//(4+4). Look at the jbl bp1200.1, less than $300 on the net and you get 1200 real watts at either 1 or 2 ohms.

thanks for the info.

What amp would be best to run 3 12 JL Audio W6s. I was thinking about buying the fosgate 1000BD but not sure if it will pick them up. Let me know what you think

zach toran
I have a MTX Thunder 6304 amp and would like to know whether to get a 4 ohm Kicker solobaric L7 or a 2 ohm kicker solobaric L7 and also the best way to wire it. I plan on using 2 channels to power my components and then bridge the other two to the sub. Any suggestions? Thanks

zach toran
NEED HELP! I have a Rockford fosgate Punch 801 4 channel amp and plan to bridge two channels to a kicker L5. Should i get the 2 ohm L5 or the 4 ohm L5 kicker sub? What could my amp handle before getting messed up? Thanks for the help,

I currently bought two Kicker CVR 12's and the RMS Watts for both is 400 and the peak power is 800.I need to know what size amp to buy and what type because I only get a little of this stereo stuff, so if someone can help me out then I would really appreciate it!

i have two 12" MTX 8000s. what is a good amp to make these subs pound hard without screwing them up?

i am looking at buying a kicker l7 15 and a kicker 1200.1 to power it. anyone ever heard this two together? i think the amp is 1200 at 2 ohms, so i would need a dual 4 ohm l7 right? and how would i wire it exactly? thanks

i would like to know if there is a site that i can go to to find out how to wire my amp.. i have a MTX 81000d amp and i want to run it in a 2 ohm but it has 2 channels.. i got 2 4 ohm subs.. how do i do it

i been planning to buy me an amp with atleast 300 x2 or 600 x1 rms mono. i been looking at Lanzar D3000M rack series amp, but then i read about the JBL12000.1 some of the power acoustik gothic series. which is the better choice under $300.00 or bit over?

I have a question about a nice amp I found (Vincent SP 991 Class A) that is a monophonic amplifier with 300 W RMS at 8 ohms or at Class A power it is 1x100 W RMS at 8 ohms. This amp provides 1x XLR input + 1x Cinch selectable input... having a toroidal 1.500 W transformer, a total capacitance of 120.000 mF for energy storage and 24 power transistors from Toshiba... whatever that means.

I need a power amp to feed 2 front speakers... so here is the QUESTION: can I >>>DE-bridge<<< a mono amp to power both my front left & right speakers? Though this is a nice amp, my main objective is powering 2 current-hungry dynaudio towers with a sensitivity of 86 dB and an average impedance of 5.3 ohms. Will I be able to play them in stereo or pro logic II sound if I use a reciever with pre-outs and this mono amp? And is it worth the hastle of trying to get this amp to feed 2 speakers (if it's even possible) or find another amp... a stereo amp?


p.s. Here's more info on the amp.

i recently got 2 infinity reference series 10s that are single voice coil that handle 250 watts rms i dont know what amp to get to power them this is my first system and i was wondering if anyone knew of a good amp for me to get i was thinking i might have to get a mono sub amp but i dunno if a 4 chnl amp would be better if i went that way help me....

I got a question that I need answered bad... what amp would be best for 2 15" solo baric L7



I have two kicker solo x DVC subwoofers 5000W RMS-10000 peak.I can not find a amplifier to push them even though i have looked online,can you connect more than one amplifier to a sub?

I have a Soundstream 501 mono amp. I want to run this thing at 2 ohms to get everything I can out of it. Anyone know of a good dual voice coil 15 that won't eat my wallet?

I purchased two 10" w6 v2 JLs and have a sony explode class d 1200w amp will this support the w6s?

I just purchase a Rockford Fosgate 300S to push my JL Audio 12W0's. Rockford Fosgate says it doesn't suggest the amp push a 2 ohm load. I know my 2 12" are wired in parallel creating a 2 ohm load any suggestions?

I just purchased a Rockford Fosgate 300S to push my JL Audio 12W0's. Rockford Fosgate says it doesn't suggest the amp push a 2 ohm load. I know my 2 12" are wired in parallel creating a 2 ohm load any suggestions?

i don't really know much about this stuff but i need some help i currently have 2 rockford fosgate punch Z 12"'s and 1 type s 8" alpine what type of amp would i need to power all 3? the watts on the subs are Rockford 450, and the alpine 300 i was thinking maybe a 1200 watt fosgate maybe the 401s but if i hooked them up would the amp push 450 to each of the punch's and 300 to the alpine??

Does anyone here know if the Precision Power 5800 5-Channel amp can run the 5th channel 2ohm mono stable? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I have two speakers thats peak power is 1200 watts a piece and I was just wandering how many watts should the amp I get be?

i have to 2 jl audio 12w3 i need a nice amp but cant realy figure it out.. ne good suggestions..? ned sumthin nice and affordable. under 175

Hi, I have a Soundstorm 250.2 Force amp, and I was looking for 2 subs, 12's actually. I am not sure at all what kind of subwoofer i could use in my setup. The amp is 85Wx2 at 4Ohm, and 250x2 at 2Ohm. Is there any good subs that could be compatable with this setup? I was looking at 2 Kicker Comp VR's, the 2Ohm+2Ohm DVC subs. Would appreciate it a lot if I could know if there is anyways to buy two of these and wire each sub to run 250W at 2Ohms. Thanks a lot, Kevin.

I have two type R 12's , What would be the best amp to push it? I know max watts for 1 is 1000.Will a MTX 1000 will be good for 2 of them?

richard cline
i have two alphasonik 12's rated at 900 watts rms each... what kind of amp should i get for them? i have 600 to spend but i'd rather get something good for less :)


are Alpine Type R 10" SWR-1041D Subwoofers any good im looking for some subs for my car and i want the very best, what do you suggest??

B Bangin
My friend has the 12" alpine type R's and they sound good but the low end is not strong as say a kicker solobaric. If you ask me, I would say your really paying for the name because I have heard better. I hooked my friend's pair to my memphis 1000d and I was not impressed. I have one solobaric L7 dual 2ohm and a old solobaric 4ohm and mine is a much louder setup on the same amp with less power going to the kickers. The alpine is a very accurate sub though.

i wanna get 2 memphis 12" subs and i was wonderin what amp and are theese good subs ? and i can spend any amount of money

i have a chevy 1500 not extended cab can any one help me out with a custom box?

I just ordered an mtx 1501d 1500 watt rms x 1 amp, and im getting 2 kicker 12 inch L7's. I need to run them at 2 ohms, since they are dvc do i need the 2 ohm versions or the 4 ohm to make them run at 2 ohms with the mono amp?

andrew , in regards to running 2 l7s at a 2 ohm load then your gonna wanna get our subs in the dual 4 ohm model hope this helps

im going to be buying two mtx audio road thunder rt12-04 12 inch 4 ohms subs, i was wondering what kind of amp i should get for them?

Any one heard of the power acoustik mofo-10??? Just wondering if this sub is good? 2400 watts max if struck by lightning. 12 watts rms. Thanks in advance.

How do you get 1200 watts max out of a Punch 401s amp?

the only way to get 1200 watts max out of the 401s is to crank it so high that it distorts. distortion is caused when the amp signal hits a certain stage that the wavelength becomes clipped and the amp is no longer able to produce a clean sound. it sounds like sh*t and ruins your speakers. don't look at peak power or max power. look at the rms power because in the end, that's what really counts.

whoever is asking about the alpine type-r swr1041d i think it is...they are a really good buy...the sound quality is way better than kickers in my humble opinion...they will get as loud as comp vrs but sound much better...the L7 will get louder but i think sound quality from kicker's can be beat for the price...make sure you are running at least 300-350w rms clean power to each because they wont play to their full potential if you do not...also look into vented boxes

alright, ive tried and tried but cant figure this out, im planning on getting 3 12" ALPINE type R's, these subs are dual 4ohm voice coils, is there any way these subs can be wired down to 1 ohm, or do i have to go lower. and if so does anyone know a stable amp. Good luck answering that if u can.

Hi I have one kicker 10" comp(new...20030 in the factory box what amp should i push it with kicker 120.2?? also if i were to get one more of the same speaker what would i push the two with???

hi i just bought two 10 inch pro series optimus for 20 bucks a piece a radio shack..i know they r junk but what can i push them with? 250 rms each....i just want to see what they sound like in my car...thanks email me a

quote "alright, ive tried and tried but cant figure this out, im planning on getting 3 12" ALPINE type R's, these subs are dual 4ohm voice coils, is there any way these subs can be wired down to 1 ohm, or do i have to go lower. and if so does anyone know a stable amp. Good luck answering that if u can. "

guy get the alpine swr 1021d is a dual 2 ohm sub when wired in paralel there would be a 1 ohm load on the amp

about the alpine's and wireing them you can't reach 1 ohm with three of 2 ohm or the 4 ohm version.with the 2 ohm virsion with three subs you can accurately get .3 or 3 or 12 or 1.3 ohms. For the 4 ohm subs for 3 of them you can reach 24 or 2.6 or 6 or .6 ohms. I own 4 type r 12" that I wired up to a mtx81000d thats running at 2 ohms and it runs great.But if your goal was to reach ,for whatever reason, 1ohm then you can go with two 4 ohm dvc alpines and run them in paralel to reach 1 ohm.


for a single 12" solo baric L7, i'd recommend at least 500 watts rms to properly push it. the jl 500/1 is a good amp for that sub.

i need to know how to connect my kicker cvr10" speakers to a rockford fosgate 301S amp??? please help

Bill D
I have the x-md1000p5 1600 watt mono amp. It runs at 2-8 ohms stable. I was wondering how i would hook this amp up to two 4-ohm subs.


Mike T.
I plan to by a Hifonics mono amp and run 1 sub. Can anyone tell me how to drop the ohm load to 1 or 2 ohms? Thanks

jake s. whitfield
hi-this is my first time doin this -hopefully i get a result-ok-i have a sony 1000watt amp. what are the best subs to match up with this amp for a great sound-lots of bass-but i dont want them to blow after a day-lol.dont go too expensive either.thx

Well JL Audio's 12w3v2 are some of the best subs out there and u can get them for 189 bucks a piece.I Guarantee u could hook 2 of them up and crank it all the way up with ur sony amp and those subs wont blow in a years time.But u might have to turn down the Volume or ur gonna kill ur ears.

Looking for an amp? I have an awsome amp for sale really really cheap. Iam selling my car so the entire system has to go. This amp works perfect and look like new. This guy puts out over 1100watts will power anything from 2 15" 2 12" 3 10" will power anything you have. Dont miss this. Take a look at the website retail price on this guy take a look and read the reviews Dont miss this deal I paid $650 bucks for this amp selling it for $260. Also you get free wiring kit with the amp. Email me back tell me if you are interested.
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