Autotek Mx-5000 is this amp a good 1


Back in the day Autotek made some of the best amps
for the money.I mean u buy a amp an the amp would
do all that a-tek said itdo but they put somethin
extra in the box more watts alot more watts.The best part about this you didnt have to pay, it was free watts.Thats what it was all about baby watts per doller. An the soundQ was the same as all the big name company. Big corps did alot of expensive advertising. So what did they do?They pass it on to us or there product takes a hit.A-tek putting out better products an word of mouth advertiment. I have been away from the audio
seen for about 5yrs.Is Autotek still layin da smack down? need any info on the mx5000. Are there Amps like the 1990 -97 models amps

"Is Autotek still layin da smack down?"

Autotek sure used to be the shiz-nat, their Mean Machine amps were awesome for their size weren't they!

Sadly, I do believe that Autotek has gone overseas and no longer has the quality they once did. Same kind of thing happened to Lanzar, Pyramid bought them and killed their rep.

On a positive note, I do see the good old amps from Autotek on Ebay pretty often and few understand their ability. They usually go pretty cheap...

I my name is mike, im from NYC, da birth place of systems, every where u go u hear a car, truck, and i have even seen a bike with a system on it. My question is, is the MX5000 a good amp to sh$t on people.Cuz im rebuilding my hole system, in my car, and im in da market for amps. I remember back in da day, like 95 that mean machine was da best for the money. I see tht there MX5000 goes up to 2400w X 1 ohm. I just wanna know if they are still good, cuz im connecting them with audioban AWT 12", which take 2000 rms at 2 to 1 ohm stable. I realy need advice before i spend to much money on Bull Sh$t amps.
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