2 DVC 10" Alpine Type-R wired to a Alpine MRD-M500 Mono Amp



i was wondering if it was possible to wire 2 4 ohm type-r's to a single mrd-m500 mono amp with a 2 ohm load to the amplifier

if so can someone teach me or point me to a website with a detailed description or diagram.


If you have two subs and each has dual 4-ohm voice coils, do this:
-Wire the two voice coils of each sub together in parallel (+ -> + and - -> -)..now each sub is a single 2-ohm load.
-Then wire the two subs together in series (sub1 + -> sub2 -, amp + & - connect to the other two poles.)
This will get you a single 4-ohm load and that's about as close as you are going to get with these two drivers.

If you have single voice coil subs that are 4-ohm each, do this:
-Wire the two subs together in parallel (+ -> + and - -> -)
-Connect the + from your amp to either + of the drivers...and - to the -. That's a single 2-ohm load.

Figuring out loads is easier when you try to think of it as something other than an Ohm. Imagine the speaker as a restriction in a water pipe...the bigger the number (ohms) the more restriction because the bigger the number representing Ohms on a speaker, the more restrictive the electrical path is.

Let's say that we have an 8" water main pipe. The water can flow through without restriction...this is the same as a 'flat short' where the + and - leads are connected directly together. This is bad.

Now we add a woofer (restriction) to the pipe, this is like taking a small section of this 8" pipe and replacing it with a 4" section...it restricts the water flow, it represents Ohms.

Let's say we want to add another 4" section of pipe...we can do so in parallel or in series. If we put the 4" pipe in line with the other 4" pipe, then we are making the water go through one small section and then through another small section. We have made the line more restrictive (this is series.) If we put the 4" pipe beside the other 4" pipe and allow the water to flow through both at the same time we have made the line less restrictive because the water doesn't run through a 4" pipe and then another 4" pipe; it runs through two 4" pipes at the same time(this is parallel.)

Lower ohms = less restriction and more demand on the amp. Higher ohms = more restriction and less power.

Hope this helps...

thx alot motoman!

i was wondering if you have a diagram somewhere of wiring parallel and series together.
if you do plz send to my email

thx alot

my email is specr1@shaw.ca
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