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Can i unplug old receiver,and jus swap wires into the new one?Anonymous2
RCA 36" TV with Dish Network--which Home Theatre System? Anonymous4
Help Scam DOGG Audio EquipmentMatt7
Digital audio output vs. optical cable outputTan Lean Khiong7
$15 white speaker cable...20ft or $10 50ft regular speaker cable?David Tsang1
Home theater upgradeelitefan2
How many years of use before upgrading your Home Theater system?John A.2
Receiver Suggestions to match my speakersGr1m1
S-Video in and Component out?Curt32
SET UP A H/Tprashant1
Good place to learn basics on Home Theatre Systemsz s3
Room AccousticsSarah Conant4
Tv hook up to stereo speakersLori Sessions1
Speaker Ohms (Impedance) and Proper A/V ReceiverVagabond1
Problem with Mitsu WS-65411 big screenMark Konen1
Surround sound problemsz s2
Buy in US use in Australia? HELP !!!John A.2
Routing speaker wireAnonymous7
Building a home thater in Argentina, Please Help!Eugenio Haban2
Help to choose Home theatre systemFrank1
Help w/ Terminalsmr_mike1
Anyone with Aura Bass Shaker knowledgemike1
Sunfire super junior sub?Hawk9
Need New Home Theater SystemRobert4
Upgrading my Stereo to Home theater ?Josep1
The $10 CircuitCity/BestBuy ChallengeAnonymous11
Onkyo 760 with smaller speakers?Anonymous3
New HT SystemTom Q6
Tripple crossover question. Please HelpSpeakerWire Crazy2
I want a full picture while viewing dvdINSTALLGUY5
12 gauge Speaker Wire for CheapSpeakerWire Crazy1
Advice on Setting Up TheatreDennis Nebrejo2
EXTREME NOVICE: need help w/ hooking up RECEIVERJedi Clampet4
Hooking up SubwooferINSTALLGUY2
Help - Want to Hook Up TV w/no AV out to HTINSTALLGUY5
Infrared interferenceINSTALLGUY2
Random audio losssteve cooke3
Home Theater Speakers for 150 bucksAnonymous2
Newbie needs line conditioner adviceHawk2
Component to RGB(VGA/15 Pin)???Derek2
Do I need a subwoofer?Anonymous2
Help, stuck in the Hi-Fi Zone !!!Kevin O3
Any takes on this cute Elite EX-500 from Pioneer?D.R3
Your thoughts on universal remotes and dvd playerDerek2
Maybe you are interesting in ....Derek2
Digital Video EssentialsDerek6
Where to get a good deal on NHT speakersanonymous3
Need receiver adviceHawk4
Compatibility of HDTV and Progressive Video Signal with A/V Receive...Derek8
Room sizeJackson3
Center Channel on top of an LCD TV?Adam3
Can i connect a car sub woffer to a home amp Adam3
SAE Power amp hook-up...Anonymous2
Stripping Speaker wireJohn A.2
Connecting tv, vcr, digital satellite and hi-fiJohn Allen2
Stands for the solid solutions s100 speakers.Bill Baker2
Avia.....home theater from below...and wondering also.Kaffine31
First Time HT setupAnonymous3
Car Stereo in Home TheatreJamesAB7
Screen Gain - noticeable difference between 1.0 and 1.5?Bob3
Please help! My rear speakers are not working!!Momo2
Need help with home theater setup w/surroundRene8
Problems with RCA home theatersJoshua DeHaven3
Sounds Awesome!!!!Derek3
Problem with Pioneer DV-563AS or could it be something else???ACzn5
Hum in Center ChannelDonald L. Suedmeier2
How do I connect existing prewiring to my speakers and receiver?Mike3
Help me install my surround systemJessa10
Connecting Home Theatre - TV - Digital Cableqdog2
Help me find an adapter for digital audioDerek2
Goo systems screen paintAnonymous4
Coaxial Cable Goes Where???Adam Weeks2
Need Your Input On SpeakersDerek5
Home Theater Set UpTim3
Component Video Hook-upA. Billmann4
College student needs help with equipment hookup!Anonymous2
Help me spend my $ on a TV!Craig2
Satellite radio for HTRick4
Websites for ideas of building a room for my home theatre?John3
Home theater question...Sam2
Brand new here- full of questions!Anonymous2
TV has no audio out, How do I hook up surround sound?lyla roe4
DIfferent types of cablesJoong-In Rhee2
Help me spend $15,000!!!!!Anonymous4
How to setp up surround sound for dvd/dig. cable box and tvStephen Rhett Ahland2
Accidently set DVD to PROGRESSIVE = no picture or menu to correct t...Bravo 35
Cannot get surround sound to workAnonymous7
Help!: Desperately Comparing $12K Systems!!ken martin4
I;m cofused! Can someone HELP!!! Anonymous2
Subwoofer help fast pleaseAnonymous3
Looking for low cost Home TheaterJoshua DeHaven4
No sub out on older, integrated receiverJohn K3
Need a seasoned opinionAndy C5
Thoughts on a home theater purchaseAnonymous5
Hooking up my system??? HELP!!!Robert7
S-video on my 6 year old SonyAnonymous3
Help:Need advice ASAP (surround receiver)Anonymous10
Question about component video in/out on receiverAnonymous3
NO VOICE watching DVD when AV Rx in dts or dd modeDerek2
Acoustic image - do you know?Anonymous3
PLEASE HELP: setting up home theatreaaron mcartney3
My Kids are destroying my surrounds.glove4
A/V switch best hook-up?????kevin3
Cable AND satellite in HT system?Derek2
IR repeater???Derek2
Please help with hook-up instructionsqdog2
Optical connection?Anonymous2
Subwolfer cord length?MrHorspwer2
Bass Management issueSteven2
Subwoofer LevelsAnonymous2
Rear speaker crackling noiseSteven2
Small, Medium or Large sized room??Derek2
Placement of surround speakers.....Need help please.Anonymous2
HTS television audio issueLdS2
Subwoofer selection dilemajayel_dmz6
Child proof a subwooferAnonymous7
speaker blowAnonymous2
New to home theatersAnonymous2
This one should be easy for you guysVegard3
Home Theater choiceAnonymous3
Shared Vs dedicated channelsJack5
This one has me baffled. Advice?A. Billmann3
Shaking my living room to pieces ac7
This Concerns EVRYBODY ----- Polk Audio say that we are all hook...Derek2
Question about subwoofernewbie to subwoofer3
Which is the BEST U.S. MADE SPEAKERSJoe6
2.1 out of the needed 5.1 Hawk6
Seeking recommendations ac12
Please help, digital input question, JVC systemDerek2
S-Video Pass Throughac5
Home Theater Help!Anonymous8
Function of S-Video/Component Video inputs/outputs on Receiver and ...fbfsbsbsbff2
I'm taking the plunge and need help with hookupsJackson2
Need subwoofer help pleasemike wells4
YAMAHA HX series SpeakersChris2
Hooking up a Replay Tv?Glenn Stern2
What's the difference btwn analog and digital audio?chicken doankey13
Can Anyone Help MeDerek2
Need some helpA. Ciosek3
Why isn't my system not playing the higher tones?Anonymous4
Is there much difference for using 14Ga speaker wire and 16 Ga wire?Derek2
Upconverter / Video SwitchDerek2
Please help with surround sound hook upJAY GOULD21
Help!...Can anyone answer?Hawk5
Speaker mounting bracketsDerek3
Questions from newbie about wire connectionDerek2
Which subwoofer mode?Anonymous5
Help pleaseqdog2
Need help making some upgrading decisions... please help newbieDerek6
Is dialog supposed to sound quiet?Terry Montlick5
Where to go for Speaker Cable?SolarEclipse2
B&K reference 200.7 VERSUS G-Man2
My sub don't give me good effect...Anonymous5
Newbie question about speaker wiringBrandon Whitman2
Home Theater room design Help!Glen Farkas2
Sound stops momentarily when playing DVDTS Knudsen3
Can I use floorstanders for rear speakers?Dave3
Component from dvd to reciever to tvDerek2
High Voltage Leak?Anonymous2
No Picture From My Receiver Please HELP!Cubby3
Philips MX3600Anonymous2
Wall mounting Onkyo surroundSolarEclipse6
Hanging speakers - onkyo 650SolarEclipse5
Onkyo Speaker Wire Question?SolarEclipse5
Expert Advise needed on the Eq settings for my Sony STR-De875Mike2
Free Studio Time to anyone who can help me solve my delimmaerik tyson7
What's the ideal height for stereo surround sound speakers? A. Billmann4
Home Theater Setupqdog3
My sony has 3:2 pulldown. does my player need it?Derek2
Any reason to hook DVD video into receiver?A. Billmann5
Derek, will you help me with my situationDerek3
Av receiver not working with regular TVvince7
I've picked out my system - What if any changes should I makeAnonymous8
Please help me! (I'm a newbie.)Derek2
S-video problem!!!!!!!!Derek2
TV makes Speaker Humm or BuzzDerek2
Question about Surge Protectorsmike3
Help with digital coaxialDaniel Lozano6
Hold your breath/Cross your fingers!Anonymous4
Concealing surround wires.Anonee Mouse8
Home Theater Reveiver Sound ProblemsAnonymous3
DLP Projection screen size?Jack Driscoll5
Connection between Amplifier and DVDDerek2
Help me spend $500 quicklyAnonymous2
HELP! Surround speaker expertise needed:Anonymous10
Canon LV-7545 Projector - Should I Buy It?Anonymous2
Looking to start a new systemJeremy Halvorsen2
Built in HDTV tuner?vpr3
Home theater systemmike2
How can you tell the gauges of speaker wire?Derek2
Oxygen free speaker wires good or bad ??OahnMacleod3
Rear projection?pag4
Need help with cable and set upshiela gorgeous6
Outdoor speakers for my TVDerek2
RCA Cable HelpSteve2
Connecting old sony surround sound speakers to new receiverA. Billmann4
Help with Audio ConnectionsEdwin Garcia2
Help with hookup please!Derek5
How does LFE work anyway?Anonymous2
Could I really do this A. Billmann2
Can i connect an integrated amplifier to the preouts on onkyo txds ...Ricardo Nieves3
Sub connection?medic4tx3
JBL JSR400 (rear speakers no signal)SeattleGould3
Directional RCA cables?!?A. Billmann4
Choosing a subwoofer.. Paradigm?A. Billmann2
Quiet voices, LOUD special effects?Anonymous3
Any Advantage in using 14G wire over 16GAnonymous5
Need more high'ssuperfecta2
Subwoofer Poppingchris2
Progressive Scan versus Interlaced!Anonymous3
Large or small speakers?Anonymous2
Home Theater RecommendationG.DawG2
Suggestion ! Planning to purchase home theater systemAnonymous4
Subwoofer INSIDE an Entertainment Center?Anonymous5
My Home Theater Systemchris2
Echo Sound questionmatt3
Which connection is betterJake5
Volume too high?A. Billmann4
Please help with my first HTA. Billmann5
Preamp surround processorAnonymous2
Speaker calabrationAnonymous2
Cable Box to Reciever ConnectionCaptain Kirk3
Newbie needs helpsuperfecta12
Help with Audio connections (Digital/ Analog)Anonymous6
Annoying sound when changing channelskichokakis3
What should i get : 4x PIONEER S-V310 speakers + 1 central speaker...Emanuel2
Color intensity on SIR-T151Joel Kreisel4
Popping sound --questionJonas V4
Adding new satellites to an existing sub. Help!Greg Lee4
Technics SAEX300Dan2
$50 Monster Subwoofer Cable. Is it worth it?A. Billmann2
Getting sub to work with HT and music ?Anonymous4
Would this work????Mark5
Home theater= 4 x the same tipe of speaker+ the central speaker OR...Greg Lee2
What should i do about my local CCAnonymous15
Newbie questionDerek3
What to do??????Anonymous16
Newbie needs helppo7
Aura Bass Shakers(s)kamsay2
Home Theater Hook Ups?Anonymous2
Regarding ohms?Rob2
Coax video in, RCA out?W.C. Epperson3
Which would you buy???Anonymous16
Home Theater Upgrade QuestionPorcdoc3
Home theater Speaker Optionsfrank b2
Newby Receiver QuestionMSM6
Progressive Scan requires HDTV-Ready?William5
Size and brand of sub ???Anonymous7
Small Newbie questionWarder456
How to connect the sub - the age-old questionJohn Raymond2
Surround Speaker Volume ProblemAnonymous4
Home Theater & VCR QuestionBarry Marsh2
What's the difference between 5:1, 6:1 and 7:1 speaker setups?Barry Marsh3
Home Theater Planningsuperfecta2
Best HT for $1000Anonymous5
Coaxial hook upsuperfecta2
Class T amplifiers,new techAnonymous2
Trying to decide on these...Brian2
PLEASE Help a Newbie with HT Sound Questions!!!Anonymous2
8 ohm vs. 6 ohmAnonymous4
Cost of Speaker StandsAnonymous4
Component cable vs. S-cable for a PS2Anonymous2
Dual SubwoofereCoustics2
HELP!! Trying to Build a Home Theatre Systemhtinnovations3
Home Theater and Inferior WiresAnonymous2
Determining whether to purchase subwoofer or notpo7
Component videoVisna2
Help Me Decide: Philips ,Pioneer, Panasonic, MagnavoxAnonymous5
I Need Help Before I End Up In The Mental WardAnonymous3
Video Cable for Subwoofer ? Anonymous3
S-video to receiver or to tv ?Anonymous2
Video switching/signal questionsAnonymous3
Need suggestions for an inexpensive home theater systemAnonymous3
Snap Crackle Pop accompanied by HI-FI message on TV SK2
Is there a max distance a subwoofer should be placed from receiver?Anonymous2
Radio Frequency NoiseAnonymous2
Trying to decide on surrond system , looking at Bose Lifestyle 30po7
Question on audio in a Home Theater setupAnonymous2
Home theater system for a 9x18 roomAnonymous3
Coax to 5.1 conversionAnonymous19
Radio Shack Sound MeterDimitri2
Radio reception Anonymous2
Need advice on satalite speakersAnonymous2
HT SetupUt5
Home theater speaker positioning? Karl G3
S-Video...totally confused.Magyar3
Question: Delay Settings for "Real" Living Roomsbox5
Help me please... trying to setup my first systemhello2
Kenwood warranty vs. Onkyo warranty??Anonymous3
Home theater advice- I need it!Anonymous3
Pre-Amp OutsEric Jenkins6
Rear Speaker Stand Considerations (onkyo 650)Anonymous5
Sub woofer mode questionGraben3
TV Speakers when using HITBGraben2
Digital connection/5.1 question...Victor Mobley2
Large room questionama2r4
Calling on Home Theater Experts-Help AppreciatedJeffrey5
Home Theatre Suggestions For Small RoomsKevin5
Help please--home theater problemALAN WELCH12
Advice on purchase of subwoofersAnonymous4
New HT!!! Now I just need advice on how to make it work...Anonymous3
Suggestions needed.Anonymous2
Advice for HT needed.Anonymous7
Christmas Gift for Boyfriend - Help a Girl OutAnonymous4
PS2 optical connection questionAnonymous2
Need Good Advice on Home Theater System ASAPpo3
Home Theater Vendor RecommendationMiitchell K.2
Help please - confusion running amuck!Ramesh5
Mixing and MatchingJIM KURILUK3
Home theater stacking?rob p.4
Question about adding speakers to my receiver.Garrett Marshall3
Decision Made!! What do you think?Anonymous6
Sub and speaker help neededeCoustics2
I would like your opinions!!Tom Elkins3
Home Theater Setup?Anonymous8
Need Help Adjusting VolumeAnonymous3
What's the best DVD to demo a 5.1 HT system?Anonymous8
Best Home Theater System For TV Viewingpo3
Speaker Re-use Questionpo2
Recommendations for a Neophyte Audio/Videophilescott3
Newbie to HTScott4
Entry Level Home Theater System - Guidance Needed!Scott3
Need HelpScott3
HTS on a budget - Advice (Denon, Boston Acoustic, etc.)vu4
Advice please on using older speakers with Onkyo HT SystemSusan5
Wall mounting Onkyo HST650 rear speakers dilemapo12
Digital Audio, Home Theater set-up "challenge"Connection man5
High or low level inputs?po2
Interference problempo3
Pl. help meAnonymous2
Home theater shopping challengeAnonymous11
Calibration Disc for PALWayne Tallis2
New Setup QuestionsAnonymous5
Video Connectionsstephen2
Sub not workingmidinerd3
What does LFE stand for?midinerd3
What speakers perform well with Kenwood receivers?Jon2
Wireless Surroundsdddd3
In the corner? Please Help...ScottZ2
Has my Subwoofer Snuffed it?johnny bernardo3
Where should I set my crossover points? (details below)johnny bernardo2
Virtual surround sound speakersrakesh dutta2
Subwoofers: Passive or Active?Anonymous3
Home theater problemAndrew Billmann2
Need assistance with Center channel triageAndrew Billmann3
Using car speakers(10" subs) on a home theatre systemAnonymous2
Subwoofer dilemaPeter LePoer3
Is it possible to connect a mono TV and VCR to to an a/v receiver?John Andrade7
How do I setup a pair of Dynaco speakers with my receiver?Robert Smith3
Upgrading home theater systemsCarl Juchniewicz3
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