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Simply HDMI questionFine projector3
Home theater set upDaniel thomas12
Tips for Choose Home Theater Seatingjacob219
Home Receiver question Nyxgg2
Setup questions for integrated speakerskasinmebo2
Home theatre set up questionenichante1
My first Home Theater setup - Help for a newbie!BOAZ XAVIER6
Unable to enable ARC between Hisense & Yamahavideobruce2
Looking for a basic 2.1 audio set upeleser1
Question - Just finished my home theater and not getting the sound ...tinagrims872
Headphone setupfrank1
logik l32sbin16 Bluetooth soundbar adding speakers Andrew Penniall1
Emotiva vs ARX vs NHT 7.1 Home Theater SpeakersRandyEOwens1
2 speakers to 2 channels with 1 cableMT1
Hi i want to use very wide dispersion in ceiling speakers to usemarcus oakley1
Using curtis dvd 5041 home theater sytem/ to listen to tvTrooper5
Using Bose 900 Lifestyle system with alternate receiver dharvey1
How to connect 6 speakers to a 4 port connectorTuan1
Setup help neededalex pabalte2
Km-205alden mcclashie1
Help needed connecting TV to receiverGrance Shin2
Bose series 5 acousmass Speakers compatabilityMrs Jayne Stephens1
Home theatre system help neededTom2
Receiver to accompany B&W's ?leo stierer2
Wall Mounted Shelving SolutionsYiotta1
My TV Mount Installation and ReviewJoannacath1
Compare A/V ReceiverMacca1
Durabrand HT-3916Krward281
Problem with sound syncKevin Simon1
Surround sound not working with Pioneer VSX 821 and Bose acoustimas...boseuser1
Samsung Smart TV, Yamaha Rxv577 and Harman Kordan Speakers Puneet1
Wiring Diagram for Surround SoundFrank1
Surround sound setup for Dummies (me)Ron1
Need Advice On Surround Sound Hook UpJay Littleton1
Pre-Installed Built In Surround SoundKaleb1
Over the Fireplace MountSteve1
PROJECTOR users' threadNancy2
Outdoor Summer Home Theateradkenjack2
Who's used XBMC?dirk deagle2
Beginner to Home A/V need some advicesSnowy2
How to hook up recieverHenri3
New house has a bunch of wires - how do I make them work?Brian1
No sound from TV when playing DVDs Rod1
Will 6 ohms speakers work on 4 ohms amplifieržiga1
Touchsquids' Android remote appHomeBoyRon091
Can anyone suggest a better setup for around 2500Michael1
Video Noise & Clipping IssueGene1
Audio lagBrian Mitchell2
Will 4-ohm speakers work with 8-ohm receiver?georgeallen4
Help with spectrum Rs-232Wave1
New set upTopher1
New 3 rd floor attic transformationcraig1
Help getting more powerful sound from front speakers please. Thanks!newsoundperson1
Looking to build componet system. I NEED HELP!Dillon2
DirectTV, 5.1 Surround & Projection HDTV ChallengesJulie5
Need help with first time setupDebbie Smith2
Question about receiver hookups! mandolinista1
Home theater setup with mix of old and new techjgco20051
Is it OK to mount bookshelf speakers on their side?James Lee2
HDMI switch/splitter questionjeff su5
Causes for Audio DistortionAdam1
Running 2 subs from 7.2 vs 7.1 with Y-splitter?Nick1
Saying hello , have a couple of questions concerning Pioneer SX-315...Ted1
Bi-wiring or bi-amping speakers/receiverjim1
Sony home theatereinteractive5
Panasonic surround sound einteractive3
Home Theater 5.1 Speakers (Budget)einteractive6
New Theater setup- 4 ohm with 6 ohm minimum receiver?JOHN S2
LG HT836THW Home Theater Multi RegionJames1
Surround sound dilemmaRosey4
Educate and Enlighten me; A Wiring Dilema I'd appreciate your help....j bauman1
JBL-E90 * DT Pro Cinema 600 > Integration/ Setup...vince mirabelli2
Problem with Denon AVR1910 - Help pleasevince mirabelli2
Need help in hooking this upnorma3
Connect ACS45 Altec Lansing Subwoofer into VSX-1021-K Pioneer Recei...RWood3
Surround sound through tvBerny2
Cerwin Vega LS-12's IssueBerny2
Pioneer VSX AV Receivers - If Wired Broadband and AS WL 300 Not Ava...Berny2
Advice: Replace my HK AVR 635Hammers10
Over The Air TV and Optical audio connection to Denon 591 AVRvince mirabelli3
Need Help, New at HDMI Advice appreciatedJames1
What is an acoustically transparent screen?Berny4
Sound distortion on front right and left speakers Berny2
IR or All-in-One Remote Control?Berny2
Can I Mix "In Wall" with Free Standing Speakers?Berny3
Depth issues: Narrow reciever suggestion for 2.0 music TV setup....jwh6f1
How do I setup my samsung LED smart TV, HD comcast cable box, and d...vince mirabelli2
How do I hook up center channel (speaker wire to RCA)vince mirabelli2
Cheap Home Theater Set Top BoxesNency Michel3
How to Use the CalculatorNency Michel1
In the market for $700 to $1000 A/V ReceiverBlake Masri1
Need some speakers to place outdoors for all weather conditions?Jaya2
Blu ray video run through AVR or not.diggytooth88
New to surround, some new equip, some older setup helpvince mirabelli2
HK AVR-85 setup (newbie question)vince mirabelli2
Denon AVR 3808nutpi3
Need help with surround sound system paulwhite2
Yamaha RX-667 vs Denon AVR1611vince mirabelli2
I have a Dish Duo receiver and want to connect 2 dvd recordersKG1
How to connect a samsung home theater to my lg plazma tv ?the tracker1
Nad 310, Blueray, LCD screen wiring help!Kpeters1
Best way to wire up the following ...richardfenn1
Audio cable with hdKevinWhite3
New home theater confused on connections =[vince mirabelli2
Harmon Kardon AVR2600 with fluance av-htb ADVICE NEEDED!GREAT_Dayn92
Connecting Cable box, xbox360, tv, and Sony HT CT150 Home theater s...Keresee1
Components are turned off before cleaning.Nency Michel1
Is it worth getting a surround sound system with this room?gaz_almighty1
DVD player stopped recognizing the TV???Seajay1
Pioneer VSX-820 + Optima HD806S. Singh1
Quality cableNency Michel1
Difference between a $17 and a $150 HDMI cableNency Michel1
HELP with connecting ss/home theater to DTV box and TVdixie1
High Current vs WattagePlymouth11
No sound from USB drivePlymouth3
Speaker location.Andrew17
Help connecting non-HDMI TV to Receiver, Blu Ray both with HDMITracey3
Home Theater Shopping TipNency Michel3
Planning Home Theater InstallationNency Michel1
Looking to buy a 2.1 or 3.1 Home Theater SystemVictor431
Need Help to choose a good Home Theatre avinash3
Connecting my new tv to my old sound systemCasey5
Help hooking up PS3, HTiB, and HDTV?!?!jar_head20106
Getting 5.1 sound ftom HTPlymouth11
Parametric EQAndrew3
Passive Subwoofer QuestionCasey2
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