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Help Laying Out Project - Odd Shaped RoomJim Bay2
Help with first HT setup for @5KJim Bay6
HDMI Cable 1.3 to 1.3b Rating Kort Kramer15
Audio out of sync with VIdeo sometimesJeff Hall12
Having trouble Hooking up RCA reciver to HDTVBerny2
SPDIF to RCA Conversion Options NeededJOHN S11
Any suggestions?angelo lombardi16
Help connecting powered speakersJim Bay11
Finishing Touches for 5.0 SurroundJim Bay3
Do I have Enough Power To Run All This????Berny2
Harmony 890Tim4
Can I set up wireless rear speakers on older Kenwood Home Theatre?Berny2
HDMI to DVI Adapters?Michael Epstein3
Help needed for Onkyo HT settingsRaj4
Help ME please!Michael Penkala5
What cables are needed to hook up a home theater?Berny4
HD Installer List DirectoryEric S Siebert3
Need Help Choosing Home Theater Spkrs/Rec.K. Foster8
Need help on deciding the Bose speakersHari9
Help w/ old speaker system setup on new tv JOHN S2
Setting up my A / V ReceiverHari31
How Come Noone is interested in helping me?Berny5
Subwooferangelo lombardi7
Satellite RecommendationJeff Hall8
Newbie Set upangelo lombardi4
AVR Sound Quality -It the Source?David Massey2
Hearing Tv broadcast through surround system.Kevin Alexander3
How Come Noone is interested in helping me?ryan henry1
Onkyo help.Hari11
Help: Only 2 ch. input on Yamaha RX-V461 when using digital 5.1 DVD...Lee5
Samsung DVR 160/Cable Box SA 4250HDC recording help - John Thanks!Bryan1
Do I need a DVR to DVD recorder connection to record from DVR?Casey6
Surge Protectorangelo lombardi11
HDMI simplicity is complicated to install Tim15
Cable issues w/ new home theaterBerny6
Recording onto VHS/DVD recorder from cable/DVR via HDTVMark Baker1
Rear speakers strange grasshopper noise!julie sarahs1
Need setup/config helpBerny10
HT set up help without a cable boxDavid Massey2
Analog Vs. Digital... Difference?jis jags8
Surroundsound & t.vNathan Stohler12
Surround setup - inputs, outputs???vince haduch14
Mounting Frustration!Jeff Hall2
HDMI switching with receiver, but no videobryan ray8
Need help deciding on receiverBerny6
What Component To Buy Next?Bill7
Help - new to this - Panasonic 77U 50 plasma, Onkyo 894 ARJOHN S9
Questions! Help Please!angelo lombardi11
Cant hear sound while watchin T.V. *HELP*JOHN S5
What Subwoofer amplifier do I need?Berny5
Yeah!JOHN S4
Basic Home Theater Hook-up Help!Casey4
Need help connecting surround sound systemOscar Gonzalez4
B&W 803D and AmplifierTony Gorschek1
No picture through HDMI connection?Casey7
How to connect a Receiver's coaxial Subwoofer output to bare Subwoo...Sameer6
HelpDennis McIntosh2
Running two subs?Dennis McIntosh4
High End Projector Help....(I'm an idiot)Dennis McIntosh2
Complete Newbie, needs some help! Its only Mini XDDennis McIntosh2
Thxcertified's home theater threadCasey2
Help me please!!!!???JOHN S2
Multi-room speaker connectionsDave1
Hooking up a home theatre. WEBSITE?Brian Mitchell2
HELP - Decision time on Speakers!ralph cooke146
Home Theather Audio - need help with receiver/speakersangelo lombardi7
Upconvert DVD player with HDMI but no HDMI on my recieverRush6
Has anyone seen an actual hdmi 1.3 deep color set-up?Mitch6
Hooking Up A Cable HDTV BoxJOHN S3
Front or rear projector?leo stierer4
Help please Bose lifestyle 48Andy watson2
Newbie...what projector for wii,xbox etc?rob gossen1
Have I done something horrible? (Onkyo TX-SR605 question)Casey2
TroubleshootingJOHN S2
Running two sub woofers.James Morrallee8
HDMIGordon Tyerman4
Home Theater system and Plasma... above Fireplace?angelo lombardi8
Does cable signal affect.....?David Massey4
Home speaker enclosuresDavid Mitchell2
Proubably the dumbest question on hereTim Wilson14
Odd question about Bose Acoustimass 15Derek Ritter1
Need some insightJOHN S4
Biamp Denon 3808ci and AudysseySteve Rode2
Hooking up HDMIJOHN S2
Sony LCD bulb shot....can't get music from my A/V tuner?Phillip B. Sulkosky2
Help hooking up my surround sound systemJOHN S2
Confuse about HDMI v1.3JOHN S6
Polk vs. KlipschChris3
Is this room size to small?angelo lombardi7
Quick noob Q? 2.1 helpDr. Destroyer1
Wondering if i need to upgradeCasey2
Best Source for Speaker Wire?JOHN S6
Insulation recommendationsDavid C.1
System Help!!Casey7
Bose Acoustimass help!James Harrison1
PC sound only through 1 speaker?Rhys Heron1
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