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Vizio no powerhari091
Vizio GV52LFHDTV10A Loud Pop and Vertical LinesJacob Mason1
Plasma or LCD?leo stierer2
Any love for Plasma screens anymore?RobertBrown1
Vizio M65-C1 Picture In/Out Steve1
Lcd tv minerva 37"Rodn791
Samsung vertical linesJeff1
Zenith 50 Inch Plasma loud pop then Black ScreenBobby132
OLED 2-B availableleo stierer6
Visio, power on, no imageMisc1041
Vizio Replacement BoardsStanley Izebhokhae330
Vizio VO370M Inverter/Power Supply Issue?Rorence2
Sharp LC-70LE632U has vertical bands & horizontal bands that scroll...neferkamichael1
T-con or Bad Panel? How can I figure out which is bad?Vyle1
Foggy Mirror KF 50WE610leo stierer2
Vizio vx32l black screen/no sound. Which board to replace?Bud144
Sharp LCD TV stuck in menu mode - no remoteglen smith1
Visio VW37L LCD fading sceenChris F3
VIZIO VO37L No Picture, No Backlight, Audio Good, P/S Good, Turns O...Ahish17
Sharp Aquos Problemsbrad babson309
LG LCD TV won't turn onknowonesbeans11
Vizio vt420M great picture no soundcraig1
vizio vp322hdtv10a beau23261
Visco vsc-32v1 pip shut off???betty1
Sharp Aquos LC-50L-E650Brad1
Vizo Gallevia 52kris1
WD-65734 65 inch Mitsubishi Lamp problemDarryl Buchanan1
Tv went popvicki1
Have a 70 inch Sharp TV on the blinkleo stierer2
New OLED displaysleo stierer1
Vizio GV52L FHDTV10A no pict/soundDanoMi5
Samsung plasma 43 inchemalik2
Polaroid LCD Channel Glitchesjakesnake272
Loud pop while watching plasma, now blank screenleo stierer2
Visio P50HDTV10A Plasma TV solund but no picture when powering upleo stierer2
Samsung HPL 4663w issuerandy1
Vizio 50" Plasma - Video, but No SoundHarold Maddocks1
Last Man Standingleo stierer1
Panasonic out of Plasma Marketleo stierer2
55" Vizio TV RemoteDennis2
Vizio VM60P HDMI InputsSuz2
Bottom of my lg tv is fuzzyjames1
No cc avaliable on sharp lc46d62uEd Shaiman1
Proscan LED 32", model PLD3283DJason M from Denver,1
Are these voltage values look ok on Panasonic TV?V1
I need a screen for VX37LBludemo1
Vizio VX37L HDTV10A will not power up...Bludemo4
Vizio VU37L wont turn onBludemo2
Vizio JV50P speaker issuesNed2
Vizio VT470MNeil4
Vizio VT470M LCD no pic no sound only vizio lightNeil1
Visio GV47L Blowing Capacitor C241 on PSWes In Murphy1
Can anyone help me with this Vizio VMM26L 26"LCD HD Monitor ??????mstevens1
Vizio VW46L 3 vertical lines on right side of LCDBuddie0920001
Main board for a Toshiba 32SL410uLocutor131
Need Help Fixing Plasma Tv...... Please?Shawn1
Mitsubishi LCD screen has white dotsleo stierer2
Vizo VW37LHDTV10A - pic red w/bleed thruDee61673
Samsung 32 Inch Lcd Backlight Flickers On Then Off (Power Indicator...Brian1
Sony Bravia Tv problemRoy Wheatley1
Samsung Plasma (2008) Burning SmellSocman2
Sony Bravia KDL-40S4100 GhostingRoy Wheatley1
Samsung plasma yellow horizontal linesChris1
Sharp aquos 52 "Mike2
Vizio VM60P no pictuer but has soundMike2
"Clear Sky" on Samsung LN-T4066F TV Mike2
46rv530u upgradesean1
Sharp Aquos 32" LED TV clicking/cracking sound problemMoshe1
Sharp Aquos Quattron 3d LC46LE830 ps3 media server problemStephanie1
Vizio e420vsetomriddle1
Insignia LED HDTV vs. Panasonic Plasma TVLorenzo3
Help! ASUS 22" LCD Monitor MW221 with dim backlight after long use....John Smith1
Sharp LCD Aquos Remote Not Working - SolutionMike1
Vizio VW26L wont power on!Rob1
Vizio 42" L42HDTV10A Sound will not turn down on TV speakers.Don1
Cracked Samsung Plasma TVxxascendantxx1
Sharp aquas lcdallen's1
Maxent MX-42x1 Plasma 42" Screen Problems Mike R1
VIZIO Razor E260mv Powers on But No Display or SoundNathan2
Sharp Aquos LC-42A66M turns off after 10 secondsKelli P.2
Vizio vw32l hdtv40a Kurtis Bay1
Vizio 47" GV47L with black shadow on left side of screenMichael Ballard3
Vizo sound but black sceenrod1
Vizio VT420M LCDchrishall2
VIZIO LCD display looks like a negative imageJon1
Maxent MX 26x3leo stierer1
LG 42LV5500 Picture Upside Down!leo stierer3
Sony hrd55 projector set color problemsleo stierer2
Sony Bravia KVL 55 strong strobe and banding when turned onluiz1
Vizio 50" Plasma 2006Michael David1
Panasonic Plasma TV TC-P50S2 HDMI & Video Inputs deadTommy Elbert1
Question to see if my power supply is badJHibinger1
Insignia LDC TV. Picture doesn't work most of the time (black scree...rtoob21
My Vizio LCD HDTV GV42L HDMI ports and Digital Tuner are InoperableDurann D1
Sceptre 46" not showing greenleo stierer2
Tapping 12v off power supply boardHuskerpike1
Sony LCD projection TVJerry1
Vizio L32 Bootstrap CapacitorDominic2
Buzzing coming from polyester capacitor Samsungbjean221
LG TV Model # 32LH30-UA Won't Power on at all, no power indicatorSebastion1
Vizio TV keeps blowing Power Supply that has been replacedleo stierer2
Trying to repair a Samsung LN55C650Jim1
Flashing lights on Sharp AQUOS LC-70LE732Uleo stierer4
Vp322 power supplyddavis9681
Sharp LC-32LE632E has no composite cable inputleo stierer2
No soundtim fought1
RCA 32" LCD with DVD Player Screen Black after turning onHonor1
VIZIO 50" Plazma HDTVJWalters5301
Sharp Aquos LC C4655U won't power upCharlie1
Sharp Aquos Sound ProblemJon2
Aquos T.V. Remote or IR Sensors on T.V. not working?Jon2
Vizio VP322 SnowDave1
TV Resolution Issuedb-bass1
Vizio VT470M Blowing T-con Board chipJohn Dragun1
32 inch vizio tv. model is VIZIO VP322HDTV10A. No Power to TV Set.tracyt3
What is the difference between LED and LCD TVsleo stierer2
Vizio g42vlfhdtv10a no video/sound/backlightdonnyfranks2011Donny Franks1
Vizio vx37l auto search, auto, side button problemsRussell1
Vizio P50HDTV No pic/sound color barsLeo2
X and y boardsJim2
Sony KDL-52W3000 showing lines / doubled pictureJim11
JVC LT-32DP8BG Problem!!!BLINI1
Vizio p42 hd plasmaDave T32
Vizio SV370XVT PS fuse blows..Jeff1
Sharp Aquos lc42d65ut - screen is scrambled and discolored.PLEASE H...Ehay1
Westinghouse LTV-32W3HD - No Picture....Chris Gray1
26" Vizio No Picture / SoundCullen1
Flickering Vizio 42" LCD TVWalter1
CD/DVD player's audio ieee4884
SAmsung LCD TV will not turn on and has a continuous "click"christopher jones2
Akai PDP5073TM - Power IssueTankGTR1
Sharp aquos lc-26d43umarchese1
HP PL5060N Blue screen,white stripe scrolling left to right? will1
Vizio VA220ERadigan1
Vizio VO47FL FHDTV 10A power onold jim3
Vizio vp422 hdtv10aold jim4
No video on my Sony Vizio LCD kdl40s4100, power led comes onDave_Williams7
What are differences between LCD, LED, Plasmajoanne1
Samsung 46" LCD turning on problemDave_Williams5
Sharp LCD TV flickers every 5 minutesbeachguysb1
Vizio VW32l HDTV40A no video or sound. Just LEDdom10
Vizio E470VANick Christo3
Toshiba 42hl67us 42" Screen Flashes then goes blank, audio works.RyanRacer481
Vizio vw37lDave_Williams2
Vizio P50HDTV20A fusesDave_Williams2
Sharp Aquos LC-70LE735U and PS3 ProblemDave_Williams4
Vizio L37hdtv10a screen turned a blue hue and no soundLous1
DIY HDTV wall Mountsleo stierer3
Samsung 46inch LE46A656A1FXXU, PLEASE HELP!B; Blaze1
Ambilight: Thoughts?leo stierer2
Hook 2 speakers-without amp.- to Sony LED TV NX 810 ?demir dinc1
Sharp lcd 70" yellow line.....Douglas S1
Sony LCD Tv Problem...Kim Tang4
Vizio vm60p plasma problemnbrooks2
Samsung 40D 55000Howard2
Vizio help needed: Thanks in advance!JR2
Vizio VW37L picture/backlight problemKevin3
Vizio VF551XVT HDMI quit working??leo stierer3
LCD TV power supply issue?Jeff3
Vizio 42 inch tv has black screen and i replaced everythnig!!JR3
No Picture on Vizio LCDJR2
Sharp LC-42SB45U No powerGarret1
Emerson (Funai) LC320EMXF (Starting issues/Looks like Skittles)...cj3
White line down right side of screenTeresa H1
Magnavox 32MF231D black screen imranh1011
Philips 42PFL3603D/F7zoomer2
HDMI ports on Vizio E470VA fried in a surge. Which board to I replace?thcltd2
Vizio 50" Plasma HDTV clicks offTJ Hill1
RCA I have sound but no picture johntv2
Can i wire vizio ccfl to external powerjohntv1
Philips 32PFL5332D/37Rick1
Sharp lc-40e67un no sound with dolbyD. Rockwell2
LG LCD audio cuts off while viewinge-challenged1
Vizio Tuner problemChurchland1
37 inch Vizio. Inside screen distort/appears crackedlavanna1
Hitachi 42HDS69 died... Help troubleshootingthewired12
Two very dull areas Samsung HP-T4264troll11
Vizio VX37L need HDMI help after surge...lowpost991
Help! Sound isn't working!Melinda1
Sharp Aquos changes TV inputs on it's own!!!Matt1
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