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Username: Cayman

Post Number: 1
Registered: Jul-13
I have a Samsung HLP5685W (The Captain Kirk) A cool set.

I had a siren noise eminating at turn on, then a picture.I am in Afghanistan so I told my wife to leave the set on 24/7 to avoid the start up problems. I was hoping it would last until I could get back in Sept. It didn't. Well now the picture is gone. From all I could gather, the color wheel was going bad. I had a repairman replace the color wheel and bulb. Still no picture, just a siren at turn on. It will try to turn on for a couple minutes then totally shut down. I can't find anything on the internet and Samsung doesn't seem interested in anything other than selling me a new set. Like I said, this unit is cool and I'd like to keep it. Anyone have an idea what the heck my problem could be. Appreciate any help.


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