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Mit WD-52725 HDMI Sound issuesAnonymous1
What's your opinion of the RCA Scenium?Imbuyingadlp7
Samsung HLP5685W DVI Picture Size Not Working Correctlygeo4
For Video Games: LCD or DLPShayan37
Best set and player for dvd viewingcharles hampton-snow1
Mitsubishi WS-55815: Is the Screen Too Low to the Ground?JeffCornell123452
Sharing TV with Wife!xvxvxvx3
Delayed sound on new Sammy 4663 with HD/ pleaseThe real PR6
DLP fan noise measurementGenius24
Bug in tvBen Wallace7
Hitachi or Sony?chinese poet25
Toshiba 43H70 Color ProblemCacete1
Toshiba 52hm94 screen adjustmentJim7772
Connecting Computer to Phillips HDTV via DVIAnonymous4
Sony KDF60XS955LCD Guy4
Mitsu. VS-4561 Rear Projection JonB3
Zenith 44inch HD-Ready Rear-Projection LCD TVMikey - OR2
Samsung HLP5677W jaubrey2
I have a DLP TV... which cables??Brian Lampright4
I got my new TV.........need to share!! John N8
Need help, problem with Toshiba 51inch/ DVD playerStarburst6
Sony KDF - 50" vs. 55" ??Andrew Fischer3
HD2+ LG questionDLP Owner6
Cleaning ScreensMr. Lynch2
Samsung HLP5674W PricingFYI10
Toshiba 61" Rear Projection TV ProblemJohn Spinella1
Mitsubishi WS-55135Matthew Gibson1
Samsung DLP and black bars on DVDsj s5
Samsung vs. LGj s3
New jvc dila dila2
Sony KP-48V80 picture problemsSteven1
Mitsubishi DLP 4.05 firmware fixes cablecard problemsDLP Owner2
Anyone heard of "Better Cables" HDMI??M.A.4
Grainy pciturePurvesh1
MItsubishi DLP DilemaRMI1
Gamecube on Samsung DLP TVAnonymous4
Sony KDF-50WE655 as a computer monitorFrank Torres4
JVC HD52Z575 D-ILA Dick Tracey1
Question for Mits DLP ownersFYI4
DLP and Video Game LagKnow it all4
My experience with Sony KF-42WE610Andrew Fischer2
Toshiba 52HM84 DLP issue!?Rad_52HM843
Attention KLAUSAnonymous4
Cox HDMI HD/DVR.....just got mine and have a question??FYI4
Monster Power Surge protector PowerCenter HTS 3500???FYI4
Mitsubishi WS-48515 Phil1
Black vertical lines on my Toshiba DLP?!? Help please...MikeP8
Only one HDMI input... what should I plug into it???Klaus3
Panasonic PT50LC13 Won't Work-- Please Help!Michael Saxon3
KDF60XS955 power on issuePurvesh1
Hlp4674 is this set worth the extra $ than the 4663?doing my hdtv resear25
New TV intermittant problem( Monster Cable?)Anonymous4
Would you check something on your Grand Wega for me?Shan15
Any Proud 65" Mitsubishi HDTV owners here?J.R. T.8
Sony KDF-42/55/60 WE655Anonymous89
Digital signal strength (Toshiba xxxx94?)ReceiveNokNow2
Replacement lampBilly D2
How do you clean the mirror?josh13pennsylvania7
Mits. WD-62525 AVR controlremotenoworky2
Fifth Generation Sammytvdude2
Hitachi lamp lifeBill Bandy2
Hitachi HDTV 46" Rear ProjectionJohn G2
Panasonic PT-xxLC14 lamp runtimeDonnie232
Give Me DLP or Give Me DeathPost Reader3
Cleaning screen of Mitsu wd-52725?Erwin M. Fletcher3
Dead & Stuck Pixels on EVERY TV!Bustnchops8
RCA Scenium dvi and computer compatibilityxvxvxvx2
Hitachi 50dx10bchinese poet2
How to calibrate a DLP RPTV?MANNY A.16
Samsung HLP5085w (pedestal) questionmapo tofu88
Toshiba 52HM94 info?Jim7772
Rear projection serviceFractal The Fractili1
Red Glow Hitachi 51s500 Rear Projection TVchinese poet2
Samsung 5085Post Reader9
Any proud RCA Scenium owners here?Post Reader2
Hookup cablesBrian Lampright3
Panasonic PT-60DL54 VS Panasonic PT-60LC14KT14
Feedback on LG RU-44SZ80L Chad Lennon1
UPS for RP LCD?Mr Sparks2
Just got the Hitachi 60vs810 delivereddaryl clark1
Samsung dlp problems---noob help!Post Reader38
DVI Cable QuestionBrian Lampright3
Using Rear project TV as a computer monitor?Anonymous2
Sony GW media inputojman1
Question about DLP'sJodymac11
Toshiba PIP???Derek Stephens1
Samsung HL-P0563 Screen Size IssuesFYI7
Samsung HLP 5063 and "flickering" on Sd channelsJim Lundquist8
What is a fair price for a Mitsu 52725 DLP?Anonymous8
Best Buy PSP Buyer Beware!BarryK141
New sony lcd rear proj. xbr seriesf.f.b.1
Component Cable problems with Samsung HL-P4663W Klaus3
Should I buy A Mitsubishi 62525 or Something Else?Brian Lampright4
Considering DLP, help me choose my TV !!Brian Lampright2
It boils down to 3 DLPs: Toshiba 46hm94, Samsng HLP4674W, RCA 46xx165Brian Lampright14
Panasonic PT43LC14Ojamae1
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