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Connecting an older Magnavox Smart Series TV to direct tv receiverTomasJean3
DVR to Computer HDalanzop183
Help with Magnavox DVR dubbing to DVD!!Frank C.1
Copy DVD movies with copyrightGlimmerourb199
Need help on hooking a VCR up to my Dish Network DVRJay1
L1 recording has scratchy pic on replayBOZO1
Motorola DCT 6416 dvrDarren Silven105
SA/Explorer 8300HD SUCKS!!!John74
Rovi ending TVGOS serviceRedheadfog1
What is the best digital recorder for EVP?Alfred1
How to copy DVD to DVD with dvd recorderieee488104
Whitch Digital Sound Recorder has higher recording quality ?rostamiani1
DVR SuggestionsDixieCatt1
Popping soundsSean1
Dreambox 500burning song1
Disable Hard Drive in Motorola DCT6416 III DVRJerry1
Can this DVR content be saved?SteveD3
DVR with free cableieee4882
The best dvd ripper?cherry_me1
Connect dvr/vhs deck to dvr to tv lineangeleno5
Directv dvr to dvd recorderieee488118
Make anaglyph 3D video (suggestions on software please)John Bakers3
I need help for a recorderieee4884
Recording Gameplay on my DynexSteven1
Boss BR900cd Digital recorderJim Kloecker1
SA 8300 HD Strange BehaviorJR1
Need new stb SA8300HD. want to save recorded material to new box.David Massey3
Direct TV DVR+ recorderPlymouth4
S/E Atlanta 8300 server switchdrmike1
HD camcorder files - what do i really need?jamesjones2
Pioneer DVR 321-S no discjohn1
My cable company says it can't be done...I don't believe it!!!!...chris82
best used tv with connectionsPlymouth2
Roku Player - Any good?Dylan2
Motorola 6416 dvr programmingDylan2
DVR to ComputerRicky Toney1
TV Guide On Screen problems (COMCAST, bay area)Redheadfog110
Mini DV - Transfer To CDieee4882
Explorer 8300HDlance1
Only 1 copy allowed??????ieee4882
Back up shows from DVR to PC?Carlsson5
Verizon HD DVR generally and vs. Tivocamar3
Switching from Dish to DirectTV and want to keep recordingscamar3
Why Cable cards don't WorkMediaman2
DVR and ComcastSusieB2
Best Digital Video Stabilizer????Lou1
DVR set up to record 4 channels at onceJim Bay2
Canon HF200 AVCHD to Sony VRD MC6 DVD Recorder?rid1
DirectTV HD-DVR to external HD which will remain connected and play...ieee4882
Directv Tivo Hard Drive alternate use?JohnC1
IKS New NewsWoogle1
IKS NewsJohn Smith1
Cox DVR to VCRLK14
Cox DVR sound problemChris Randall2
Usb front on dvr boxMark Waigne2
Time warner cable dvrblank2
DVR with Voice ActivationBob Salamon1
DVR Direct TV to Cableandrea vicente33
DirectTV R10 modelsciconf2
DVRJoe Blow3
Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HDC BrightHouse cableLauren Vaughan5
How access a DVR external hard drive from a computeriduknow2
Ayuda con mi dvr625damian ochoa1
Any way to modify/hack comcast box?tim1
DCT 6416 III Recording TimeChuck Airplan1
Copy from DVR without replaying the recorded content??rob gilley1
Dub VCR to DVD recorderElla3
Splittng cable to a 2 input HD/DVRhobby1
Comcast On Demand - Strange ProblemJodie Patterson1
How To Remove "Reminder Pop Ups" When Using Atlantic 8300 DVR?Ron Sweet1
Dish DVR to Sony Vaio VGN-AR730E DVD BurnerPatrick Hart1
Transfer previously recorded program from DVR to DVDLee Hunter1
SA Explorer 8300 - Can you use IR input for repeater?Jeff Earl1
Dual tuner digi box without hard driveanthony robertson6
"Unlock" Dish VIP622 DVR?Zach1
Comedians need to get footage from Explorer 8000 HD to DVD?LK2
Connecting DVD recorder JOHN S4
How to Split DirectTV for HD DVR in multiple rooms HELPLK2
Uploading video files on to computerLK2
SA Explorer 8300HDeladio2
Can I use my old tivo with cable?? Chick needs help!!LK2
HD Tivo & Verizon FiosFrank Fraboni1
Comcast High Def DVR problemChad McNett1
How to copy protected VHS to DVD with my DVD RecorderDavid Massey10
IS YOUR TIVO SPYING ON YOU ? 11/27/07Joe Student1
Cancelled DirecDVR R15JGrimes1
Help with Cox Cable DVRRobert Sullivan37
DVR 625 hard drive questionjuju master1
Does the 8300HDC have dual live buffers?King Tapeman2
Motorolla DCT6416 III PVR Fast forward ProblemsSteveV1
Is there a standalone PVRDavid Massey2
What can I do with a scientific explorer 8300HDC?David S1
DVR Questonsuzy q22
Record from Comcast DVR to VCRWendy24
Comcast Digital Cable and TivoChris P1
8300 explorer ? use without connecting to cable companyRon Ferrari1
Help setting up Comcast DVR, DVD player, and an old TVLeo A. Stiles19
Firewire Troubledevin peck1
Need DVD recorder with component input for my XBOX...Brien Bellous3
Motorola 6412 Problems Againbob fason4
How do I hook up Dishnetwork DVR to DVD/VHS recoder/player?SV1
Recording movies i have on my DIRECT DVR to my PC Alisia Cervantes1
Dct 6412 III rca inputsDavid Dues3
COX Cable, HD DVR and HDMIscott ragan1
COX Cable, HD DVR and HDMIscott ragan1
Symphonic dvrdeagan crawford1
Problems with i.LINKKing Tapeman2
!!!!!!!! Please help me i need your help BADD!!!!!!!shane monteath4
Xtremely Weird Posting System Here JOHN S3
Motorola 6412 received freeScooby Doo4
The Problem with DVR/TiVo Storage DrivesScooby Doo2
HD DVR ChoicesRob Allen1
Help! Tivo vs. Cablecards-tilingChristi4
Connecting directv hddvr to sony dvd recorderKathie Patterson1
Hauppauge wintv hvr 1600 only one channel??Tidus Benz1
Pioneer DVR-533H-S problem - HDD runs constantlybruce1104
Copying from Dish DVR to Direct TV DVRMichael Rotman1
DVD Player, Comcast box, hecka old tvChristi3
Freevo or MythtvNnyan Tengwar2
Dual Tuner DVR??Wade1
Transfer old DVR to new DVRScooby Doo2
Motorola DCT 6412 Reset / Clear MemoryKenny SPohn1
Comcast Hi Def/DVR Box QuestionsScooby Doo30
Hooking up DVR to DVD RecorderJason Frame1
Hard drive removed to put into computerMike C2
Watching DVR programs on PCMike C2
Using front inputs on cable box?Mike C2
Comcast DVR and HDMI through a receiverMike C6
Before buying a new DVRSit Sat1
Transferring Explorer 8000HD DVR to DVD Recorder?Jason Frame1
Turn off DVR or leave on?Ed Jacobs3
Cant get into setup wizard [8300HDv2.2]King Tapeman2
Explorer 8300HD help (strange stuff going on)King Tapeman2
Connecting Two DVRs Without a Home Network via Wired Ethernet Cablegbelous1
HELP! MY SCD103 IS POSSESSED!moira power1
PACE TDC775 TahoeKyle1
Programmable Remote issue with Moto DC6416/Panasonic HT740Kelly1
Canon ZR65Paula LeBorious1
Cannon ZR60 - Need Help QUICKTherese Stacy1
HR20: Cannot record PPVLothar Mann1
Looking for DirecTV HR20 skip tricks -- HELP!Randall Thomas1
Dish Network HD DVR/Reveivers EthernetBrent Parker2
Motorola dct6400 to dvdScott Justus1
JVC 25X Digital Video Camera GR-D275Ushawn gilmore1
Video and Audio Timing issuesPhil Scott1
Hack your Series 2 DirecTiVo with ZipperKJH1
Adobe Encore 1.5 Message Erroe - 19013Chuck Einstein1
SA8300HD DVR poor reliability/won't recordsandra purdy1
DirecTV HD DVR to DVD Recorder/VCR ?????Jason Nye1
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