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Using HD DVD Recorder with Direct TV/ Tivo - 160gig useless??fx2
DVR HDD issuesihatefreakincomcast3
Dubbing vcr to dvdDavid Massey6
JVC GR-D270U - video card or better capturing programArqus752
Splitting Up Recordings with Comcast Motoral DVR (DCT 3412 1 Dual T...Peter Stahl4
Can I record digital channels with a DVD Recorder?fx2
Dvr with dvdbill hankins1
Recording from Digi BoxAnonymous1
Panasonic vs DVR or Tivo?Bumpy Jenkins9
How to turn a direct tv TiVo dvr in a regular dvr without having di...Tivo_jkqwelr2
Diconnecting my dvr, do i lose the saved recorded programs??Peter Stahl2
Better DVDR than Sony RDR HX900Rick Campbell1
Directv DVR to SONY RDR-GX315Rick H5
How to connect Motorala DVR (Cox) to old tv, vcr and dvdMichael Bovender3
Borrowing (pirating) cableSh4d0w3
Picture Quality with TIVO in HD TVMatt Wilansky1
Set up dish network dvr 510 to record on pc dvd burnerAnonymous7
Recording with LiteOn 5005David Massey2
VHS To PCAnonymous7
Motorola 6400 DVR cutting off recorded shows? Cuylar Blair2
Vd Transfer of VHS to DVDJamie Fletcher1
Connecting TV/VCR, DVD, DVD REC and XBOXGprior1
Comcast DVR doesn't do 5.1 surround sound?Craig Pomeroy2
How to conect my camcorder to a pcbud-nash1
In The Know: Dish Network DVRInstaller Mike1
Just look at thisthomas walter danows1
How to hook up Comcast DVR to DVD recorderroger1233
Has anyone used PVRs from both DISH & DIRECTV ?Hxl71
Xfr dishnetwork PVR programs to tivo for final xfr to computeroKathleen Crews1
DirectTv DVR to PCPeas2
MiniDV to DVDTamTam7772
Basic connection DVD to satelliteRUSS WRIGHT1
DIRECTV R10 How to Burn to DVD's?Gates2
Uploading VHS to PC for DVD burnAnonymous20
What to do? HDTV DVR not a TiVofx2
Video and Sound are out of syncJim Warren1
DVD recorder tuning problemIain Macdonald1
???Experience with S-A Explorer 8000 to PC???sidd1
DirectTV DVR without phone line connectionkjgheryuyioiyh2
Splitting Cable to 2 Tv's from one jack with TiVo?fx2
Will Motorola DCT 6412 work with Comcast ?fx4
Orion tv codes for Direct tv dvr remoteNuff Said2
Recording Digital ChannelsAnonymous33
S-A Explorer 8000 DVR Help!cherr2j5
Please help connect my TV, DVR and surround systemLuc2
Pioneer DVR-533H, mods, region free codes?tre gusta1
Panasonic E-85 error u99Roy Wheatley1
DVD to DVRfx3
Can Tivo change the channels on a PANSATheidisatwork3
DCT 6400 Questionfx2
Problems recording from DVR to VCRKaci Sohrt1
Red Pro??Mike Johnson1
Recording from Multisystem VHS to DVDGuy lvie4
Can't record from dvr to dvdGuy Ivie2
Which is the best digital format to use to convert hi8mm to digtal?Guy Ivie7
Anyone suggest a good dual tuner HD DVR?Guy Ivie4
Does anyone know where I can find a DVR with a dual tuner?Guy Ivie5
Disappointed in switching from VCR to DVDRGuy Ivie3
Digital Video Recorders vs VCRAnonymous17
Newbie Analog Cable DVR questionIan Haskell2
What will look beter with S video?? samsung directvdvr or regular h...Rick Light1
Need help with video to computerG Lennon2
Migrated DVD Drive to PCIraklion1
Directv Tivo hookup, is there a splitter available?Anonymous3
Transfeering footage from video hi8 xr steady shot to pcbrittany Ball1
How Do i Connect my DVD player to my Tivo?pgent777@aol.com4
Help With DSS & TiVo!pgent777@aol.com2
Do any recorders function through antenna out?David Massey2
TecSat Brazilveceme1
TiVo / CableCard / HDTV connection issuesPixeltaker1
Direct Tv ONLYveceme3
Hooking up DVD player to Motorola DVR boxfx4
Motorola 6412 Won't RecordKevin Shain4
Echo effect from TV.Antman1232
Coax Splitting degration on TIVO?Antman1232
Recording DVD or VHS to Digital recorderAlan Clarke1
Motorola dct6200 'video-in' disabled? any way to enable it?toasty1
R10 vs. HR10-250NC Wolverine1
Clearing the memory!!!!!!!!! HHEEELLPPPCable boy2
Comcast Dual drive box problemCable boy15
CableCard and Tivo, Please Help!Chic12342
Poor Picture Quality on Analog Stations With Cox DVRfx2
Camcorders compatible with win XP SP2Brit2
HELP! direct tv hddvr to dvr hookupscott berman1
JVC Mini DV CameraTina Gallo1
Toshiba TX20 Tivo connected to Dell LCD MonitorJason Rappaport1
Cheap tivo unit on ebayRaymond Bailey1
Newbie - help! Digital Output w/ CableCard? Anonymous1
Sync recording between DVD Recorder and Sat TunerEric Roche1
Recording from a camcorder michelle abdo1
Which one?A Bloke1
Pioneer 520-H-Sclavic romion3
Comcast vs Tivo vs RecorderPhillip Kollock1
Help with RDR-HX900badhaggis2
Direct TV Digital RecordersMatthew Nelson Ginte1
Sony RDR-HX900: a problem with HDD->DVD recordingTuomo Bjorksten1
Will this work?Peas2
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