Help setting up Comcast DVR, DVD player, and an old TV


I just got Comcast DVR and need help with cables. Previously, I had a regular Comcast box which was set-up as follow: coax cable from wall to box, coax cable from box to DVD player, an AV cable (red/yellow/white) from DVD to TV.

The Comcast guy has installed new DVR player with set-up as follows: coax from wall to DVR, AV (red/yellow/white) directly to TV. He didn't hook up my DVD player at all. My question is, how do I include the DVD player in this loop? The problem is that my TV is old (11 years) and only has one set of red/yellow/white inputs on the back of the TV. It also has a coax input. It does not have S Video. Is there some sort of splitter so that I can plug in both the DVR and the DVD player into the back of my TV. Or any other options? Thanks.

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Radio Shack sells a RCA cable Y adapter which will work but you must have only one live input at a time operational.


Thanks for the advice. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but what do you mean by "you must have only one live input at a time operational"? Does this simply mean if using DVD player I must turn DVR box off?

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Does this simply mean if using DVD player I must turn DVR box off?

Yes. Personally if you can afford a newer Tv you will get much more enjoyment from the experience. The DVR is able to output a high definition signal which makes NTSC (regular) TV seem archaic. Even if you cannot afford an HDTV even a $200 Sanyo from Walmart will have two S-Video inputs and the picture will be much improved as well as solve your current dilemma. Just some thoughts to ponder.


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I just bought a DVD player and I am trying to hook it up to an old tv that has one "coaxial connector", which is already hooked up to a Comcast box. The Comcast box I have is a regular box, not this Comcast DVR I've read about above. Do I need to exchange my comcast box for the DVR version or is there some way to hook up the dvd to this comcast box? When I hook up the 3 cables (yellow, red and white- video and 2 audio) the movie program comes up but it is shaky and the color is rainbow-blurred, Im not sure if there is sound.
Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you,


tony stiga
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i have a new motorla dvr, model dct6400phase 111
how do i hook up my dvd player to my television and the dvr player and do i need to set a different channel to view dvd's

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How do i install the dvr to tv man plz HELP

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I would like to learn how to hook up my cablebox to my vcr, dvd recorder (philips615/17). And also dvd to dvdr. thank you

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In order to help anyone with hookups, you've got to tell how many inputs you have and what types of inputs you have (component, composite, HDMI, DVI, PC, etc.).

For instance, the Panasonic TH-50px500u has 2 component inputs and 2 composit inputs (as well as an HDMI and PC input).

There are many different ways to hook up multiple pieces. With all the information, it can be hooked up much more efficiently.

how do i hook up a dvd player to a tv the only has a cable outlet

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delivering a Sony DVD player to our older parents for Christmas. their tv is probably 18+ years old (it's a floor model console). is this going to work?

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I have an older TV with 1 S-video input, a Comcast GI cable box with no serial port, a Sony DVD, a PS 2, and a HUMAX DVR w/TIVO. Will an S-video splitter work to view both the DVR & DVD and, will I have to keep changing channels to view them?

I have a new Pioneer Plasma TV, a Comcast DVR and an Apex vcr/dvd combo. The cable guy hooked them all up. Although I can play tapes and dvd's from the combo player I can't tape using the Vcr. What I want to do is download the taped shows in the Dvr that I want to save onto Vhs tapes. What connections am I missing?

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Hi, I have an old Phillips TV an old Panasonic VCR, a Comcast cable box, and a new Panasonic DVD Recorder.

I want to be able to watch television, including the higher channels, record on either DVD Recorder or VCR, more importantly, record my VHS tapes onto DVD discs, and ... if possible, watch one channel while recording another.

1 TV has one coaxial connector, one S-video connector, and three sets of composite connectors

2 The DVD Recorder has s-video, composite and RF in and out

3 The cable box has ... what cable boxes have

4 The VCR has co-axial in and out and two sets of two composit connector holes

Can I do some or all of what I want to do? How?

Thanks in advance for any help

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I have a Bose surround system with optical in puts and out puts. Does the new cable box from Comcast have optical in/out puts? I also have a new HDTV with HDMI, i do know the new cable box from Comcast has DVI, so i would assume that it would still have optical. Please advise.

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Tom - Use this link, I think this will help you

Sean - Not all of the cable boxes support DVI/HDMI. Motorola only provided a limited supply to Comcast. A DVR is your best bet since they are both digital and HD capable & should be able to support DVI & HDMI. The DCT 5100 (high def)has optional DVI interface on only the newest models and I do not believe supports HDMI. If you request one to be installed for you, make sure you specify that it is for HDMI or DVI cables and tell the rep to put it on the work order so the tech will know what type of DCT/DVR to pick up. Even then there is no guarantee there will be one in stock on that day. They go out as fast as they come in.

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DVR Problems with Comcast--
Is anyone else experiencing circuit board burnouts with their TV set since aquiring DVR service with Comcast recorders? I've been a Comcast customer for years with out significan problems. But, 7 months ago, I switched from their regular digital set-top box to their digital DVR box. Now, my 1 year old top-of-the-line Hatachi LCD flat screen HDTV has had to be factory repaired twice due to circuit board failures. I have owned reliable Hatachi TV's for years without any problems. In fact I have 3 others in my household that have never had a malfuntion. It seems unlikely to me that Hatachi has given me a lemon. Rather, I think that the Comcast DVR is involved. Reason? Comcast admits that they are aware of several problems with their DVR box. Problems like loosing the sound, randomly changing stations, and shakey picture, and some other peculularities. Comcast thinks these are mostly brought on by the user turning off the DVR box. A Comcast technician told me that the fix for the shakey picure and loss of sound problem I was experiencing, was to never turn off their DVR set-top box! Well, I followed this instruction and behold, my HDTV began to have these circuit board problems. Is there a connection?

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"Is there a connection?"



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I have the Comcast DVR driving a Panasonic HDTV (TH-42PZ700U). Seems to work OK eventhough I don't really know how to run it very well. I am trying to introduce the Bose 3-2-1 Series II into the mix so I can use the sound. I think I have the cables in the right position but don't know how to tell the DVR to use the Bose for sound output. I have run an optical cable between the DVR and the Bose box. Any suggestions?
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