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Sony KP-51WS520xvxvxvx2
Hitachi 50V500 them here!Ryan6
Samsung HLP5685WTMSKILZ10
New Sony XS955's in October!HurricaneMax2
Problems with DVI to HDMI on Mitsubishi 62in TVKoles1
Stain-like Spot on my Hitachi 50v500a's LCD screen (any ideas?)...mike adair22
PT-50LC14 Dimensions?Bob Schoenleber1
HLP5085W advice requested; DVI cables & PWR condGene Smith5
Panasonic projection tvtboots1251
Successor to KDF70XBR950??Seb Groulx1
LCD/DLP TV: Sony vs Panasonic vs Samsung vs HitachiBobinSeattle171
Need advice on sony 50"Sacred2
Toshiba 52HM84LG1
New Sammy Tantus HLP56 or New Sony KF50WE620???email775
RCA Scenium HDLP50W151 DLP HDTV Any opinions?dlp85
Panasonic PT47X54, Sony KP46WT520, KF42WE620?Brad1
Mitsubishi NetcommandJay Parisi1
Which Large Screen TV to Buy? Anonymous28
Samsung - HCN4727W vs HCP4741Wjim barnes1
Optoma RD-65 DLP RPTVbrianh13
Samsung HLP Seriestp1
Samsung 74/77 or xHD3 informationAnonymous2
Any one knows when the Mits 52725 will be available?Scott Smetana2
Poor video quality with Samsung HLP4663 and PCGene Smith2
Toshiba LCD, JVC DILA or HITACHI-Best Bang for the Buck?Mr. Lynch2
Ideas for in-store evaluation of HDTVs' NTSC video renditionGary Kelly3
Sammy HLN617W at Costco for $3699Anonymous7
Vizio 56" DLP any good?justin-vegas16
Research for new TV, Need your help!Gene Smith5
JVC DILA settingsScott Kennedy1
New DLPs (hd+2) Time for tests/reviews !!! JOHN S2
RPTVs and Home Theater PCsBrian Fischer1
KF-60XBR800 Sony's New Grand Wega LCD ProjectionMlyDBR696
Buying 50" DLP this week, need to decide fastKDog5
General DLP bulb questionneo_geo__1
Playstation2 compatibility with Samsung DLPEric R.1
Panasonic PT-50DLD64 and PT-50DLD54Retired Greg8
Where to buy DLP so that I can UPGRADE later???Scott Smetana3
Hitachi 42V710 Anbody bought one yet?Erik Deutsch3
It is worth to buy a TV with built in tuner? Anonymous2
LCoS vs. DLP vs. D-ILA vs. LCD RPTV vs. Plasma vs. LCD vs. CRT RPTVPhroz3n1
Video games on DLP the_tevi25
My son broke my rear projection screen. How much?Mark Ellis1
60V500 Help ?alex h3
1998 HITACHI 50UX58B WILL NOT POWER UP???Anonymous4
Big Price Drop?Empty Nest Dad3
HLPxx74W Shipping/Not Shipping threadstephen jackel14
Do Akai or Samsung 42" have Fixed Audio Out?Anonymous1
Toshiba DLP 52HM84 vs. Samsung 5674W ??? Rudy Meister2
Where to buy? Best Buy or the web?Anonymous4
Sony Grand WEGA KF60XBR800 loud noise and white spotbasselope85
My Samsung DLP Problem (image attached)Calvy59
Panasonic PT50LC14Rudy Meister2
When purchasing from online retailer, do youRudy Meister5
ISF calibration - necessary?TCSmith2
Buying 50" tv, which to buy, DLP, LCD, CRTRudy Meister7
LCOS in 4th Quarter from Syntax GroupsPhroz3n2
Just purchased the capt. kirk (sammy 5085W) details inside!Rudy Meister6
Panasonic PT-50LC13 50'' LCD Projection TV : Buy online!MI-Man8
SAMSUNG DLP TV ------# HLP 5674WScott Smetana2
Any info/news on Samsung HDTV DLP xHD3? TMSKILZ2
Got the chance to view Samsung 5085W DLP2+ SET!TMSKILZ3
Difference between Toshiba 52HM94 and 52HM84?Donald E. Harvey, Jr8
Help me decidegc4
2nd Gen. Samsung DLP better than 3rd?Reuben Steinberg1
Sony grand wega color callibratephil lam1
DiLA versus DLPnug292
Mitsu- VS-5004R sporadic loss of picture--please help?J. Walters2
Can I replace a cracked screen myself?Keith Luff1
Samsung xx63 series: DVI vs. ComponentJR49ers5
Samsung HL-P5063W Different At Different StoresAnonymous4
New Samsung 5085W HLP featured in SOUND & VISION Mag!TMSKILZ4
Your setup with the 5085 5685 aileen1
Has anyone seen the new Toshiba 62hm84??Patrick H1
Phillips 55PL9773 or Samsung HLN507W? -help! caveman337576
Sony Trinitron Power ProblemsCatie1
What does screen burn in look like?Kynan Lee1
How does normal tv look on a HDTV set?Anonymous5
Why people still would rather buy LCD over DLP?jmjintx24
Rp LCD vs rp CRTshubdo1
Toshiba ##HM84 vs. Samsung HL-P##63W?BTB1
How is the Samsung 46 inch DLP?Maxout471
Samsung DLP background circular spot problemNicolas Houchins1
Toshiba 65h84 rp crt vs hitachi 60v500a rp lcdshubdo1
RCA DLP: is there anything i can do about the PQjohnm2
Motion ArtifactsKenny4512
Which one to buy???Anonymous2
What is the best projection TV for sdtv AND hdtv?Colin Farrell1
Anyone know the answer to this question?netranger13
Whats the problems with my Sony LCD RP TV?Mayur Kulkarni2
Moving a 50" Projection TV studranger2
Widescreen 16:9 TVsstudranger14
SpidersDerek Punaro3
Hooking Up the SammyRussell Lachow1
HLP6163W is "supposedly" in stockZubin3
Samsung dlp with hdmiEarl2
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