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Safety of connecting Toshiba to PCdaniel mackenzie2
Projection tv'sGrizzly4
Problem getting Samsung warranty service scheduledFrank Minutillo14
You have $2500. You have to spend it tomorrow. What will you buy?tom bong23
Release Date for 1080p modelsHelpful Smurf189
Warp in my 65" Mitsubishi imageAndy Mitchell5
Question about Samsung DLP LampWeAreNotAlone692
Looking for 42"-46" CRT rear proj. suggestions (have searched)...Chris7
Newb w/ new Samsung HL-R6167WAnonymous1
Purple spot on screenJohn Parsons1
Samsung DLP Aspect Ratio problemstom bong7
New Samsung DLP questions about resolutionFYI55
10000:1 vs. 5000:1FYI3
Survey: High Definition disc formatFYI2
Samsung HLR6168W or Samgung HLR6178 ?FYI5
HD DVD's Release DelayedHD Fanatic1
Samsung Colour ProblemsHorror wood1
RT rear projection. I am still worried about burn in though.How to ...tom bong4
Smart people will buy a RP CRT while they still can....tom bong33
Consider yourself warned vs this unreliable technologytom bong13
Mitsubishi WS-55807 Convergence ProblemSCTR2
Convergence problem Hitachi 43" FDX20B Anyone else have the same/si...LBF1
Do NOT buy DLP or RPLCD ..You will be sorrygrfunk5
Sony Kp41t25 TVErnie19691
Rca hd50lpw175 DLP questionGlen Moore1
Samsung DLP Rear Projection Model NumbersClare Valley6
SAmsung DLP problems-HELP............ 908 posts!!!301 and counting!2
Looking for a new TV?.....Stay away from digital for now,,,,bong-exposed fraud61
Any "negatives" to a HD CRT ???bong-exposed fraud25
Gotcha Bongbong is a fraud6
Screw it, I'm buying a $150 Walmart TV...Not really, but frustrated...bong exposed as frau22
Food for thought.....bong is a fraud4
Hogans Heros in HD? Plueeze.....bong is a fraud15
New problem with Samsung HL-R4266W HDTVFrank Minutillo4
Stereo Times Review on the QuickSilver contact enhancer....Richard1
Want HDTV Movies Today!! Buy!!tawny goswitz1
New Samsung HL-R4677WTom Haynes1
Looking between a Mitsu wd52527 and a ws65813matt fischer1
HSony Wega LCD/ lights up but no picture herb johnston3
Sony 42" LCD A10 only $100 > Sony 34" CRT XBR960 - what gives???...HD Fanatic10
Is This Too Good To Be For Real?TimJE28
Buying a dlpSteve Andresen12
Toshiba 52HMX84 VS Samsung 5063? Which one is better?? James5
Please help with my Rear Projection dilemaTony Kennard14
Its not the buyers.......... Its the Manufacturers I despise....tom bong1
LG 30" CRT 30FZ4D - who has this one ???kevin page1
SAMSUNG - The CRT is not dead,,,,,,,,,,,tom bong1
Spending $240 every 15 months for a $3600 television Against the Rant4
Buying a Samsung DLPAgainst the Rant6
Samsung 42" HLR4266W - I'm a "noob", I need helpAgainst the Rant10
14 pages of new RP CRT Owners..Compare with FP!!!Against the Rant14
Mosquito on my screen!Mr. Lynch5
Is this a DLP defect? WeAreNotAlone697
Samsung HLR-4266W - Dark scenes look terribleDMOB1
Buy Locally or On The Web?WeAreNotAlone693
Tax Holiday - DLP,LCD,LCOSjackod33149
Samsung DLP and The new PS3Florentino Gutierrez1
Samsung HL-R6178 1080p / PS3 / home theatre system / All in one - B...JimKW17
Samsung DLP picture settings, hard to view night or dark scenesmalandors19
Samsung hl-r6167 any thoughts?FYI2
Hook up help neededHD Fanatic4
Direct TV HDTV satellite launch?Bill M13
Akai PT46DL10 ???Bruce Collins43
Panasonic PT50LC13 LCD TVGabriel Bazurto4
Video processor required?john anderson1
Panasonic PT-LC5014Chiphead5
Which should I buy?HD Fanatic6
Magnavox Rear Projection TV mod#FP5240 W104Mark Allgood1
Looking at buying a new DLP, please help?Kdog0446
Bright colored vertical lines on sony wega 655 modelAndy Summers2
HD Movies NowMark Hammel1
Samsung HLR 6178Fishy5
Samsung DLP Tweaks or Upgrades?FYI8
New Sony 42" LCD KDF-E42A10 vrs KDF42WE655Steve A7
Samsung HLP 5063 NO PICTUREBroken Record bongbo35
BTW Plasma is outselling RP sets..........RP sales FALL!!Broken Record bongbo9
My 50" Grand Wega LCD has blue lines on screen. What's wrong? Need ...Dand Bane9
HLR 5087W is it the past of the 50"er'sFYI4
Blue ghost - shadow images on samsung dlp 5063FYI2
Toshiba 52HM84 Black patches on screenKdog0442
Firewire And Mitsubishi TV'sMr. Daniel1
HLP4663 and PS2Jason Hill1
KDF-50WE655 Non-Issue with "Blur"Steve A3
HL-R 4677W vs. HLN437WFYI2
Lamp for Samsung HLP5063WFYI2
Sharp 56DR650 replacement lamp (AN-R65LP1) Dave Doherty1
KF-50SX100U - Yellow Patch??Mark Petar1
Samsung 5668 vs 5678?Eric K3
Download HD Movies Right Now.Andrew Morgen1
Samsung 437W Repair updateTom Haynes1
Samsung HLN437W no powerTom Haynes8
Looking for a new TV?.....Stay away from digital for now,,,,No Credibility, bong11
Even the Plasma Thread boasts less issues then RPTV!No Credibility, bong15
Looking for a new TV?.....Stay away from digital for now,,,,gnob mot4
Samsung 5064 (canadian 5067)... unimpressed!!gnob mot10
Sharp 56DR650 rear projection TVDave Doherty1
Samsung chip question-please helpsteven kwitel1
Panasonic PT-LC4512Vijaya1
Anyone else with a problem ike this?Anonymous6
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