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Letterbox on HDTV dvd'sPerry10
Sony VS Toshiba..require help..ASAPdoclaw644
Question on the Mitsubishi firmware update for 52725 and 62725 setsGSL2
Mitusbishi WD-62525 problemsDr_Don159
Samsung dlp hln4365wx problem please helpPost Reader4
Subwoofer near RPTV ?Post Reader3
Observation about DLP and RP LCDAnonymous9
Help with Mitsubishi WS-55908 Anti Glare Shieldepunkrocbob3
How do I access the service menu on the Samsung HLP4663W?Anonymous13
Mits 52725 Keeps Turning off Helpjamescrew1
Mitsubishi wd52525 dlp for sale pick up available!!! in NJAnonymous1
Hitachi 50V500 Ghost Fixz7120046
SoundIdea in Fort WorthRowdyUSP402
Mitsubishi WD-62825bruce1115
Price for Samsung dlp with 3 year warrantyKin Beliakoff5
Mits 52725 or 52825? Help a buyer out...?SethR12
Help with my Sony KP41-T15A. Wolsky1
Help understanding back panel connections on Mits WD-52725Newbie on Mits Setup3
JVC 52" D-ILA Color IssuesKent Fulton4
SD Programming on HDTV's - Desperate for Help!Sir Enitie7
Problem with change to full-screenPerry6
Sony kpr46cx10chinese poet2
Mitsubishi DLP Light Enginedolemite9
In-Home Warranties??Chris Besing1
Samsung 50" DLP HELP PLEASE!Mr. Cox2
RCA HD44LPW165diego2
Component cable connector broke & is stuck inside my HDTV!transistoradio3
Mitsubishi ws55857 need a HD Lampright2
Which HDTV gets the best SD picture???Al Holland30
Problem with changing channel in SAMSUNG HL-P5063W DLPKlaus3
Can someone tell me what to buy for a TV. I have satellite.DLP for Me!/Post Rea9
DVD Player ?????Al Holland8
DVI based DVD Player for Sansung LCD Projection TVDLP for Me!2
Please help me decide Hitachi LCD vs Mitsubishi DLPBrian Lampright7
Diff. between Mit 52525 and 52725?Brian Lampright2
HD PVR, DVI and Rear projection CRTLampright2
Is there a problem with JVC D-ila rear projection HDTVs?Anonymous8
Antiglare shield for a 50" projection TVpunkrockbob7
Akai PT5598HDI or Samsung HC-P4752W at SamsTom Koetter10
Toshiba 52HM84 awesome!brad52hm841
Component Cables Not HD Compat.Paul9
KDF-60XS955 / Denon Format Query??tommy penngotti1
Akai PT4298HD green tint problemsSteve G.2
D-ILA - shadow / black level detail?Anonymous1
Sony LCD tv with horizonal lines at timesWayne Krider3
Sony KPR46CX10Joanne1
Toshiba 44NHM84 Fan/Color Wheel NoiseDan Collins4
Sony KDP-57WS655Anonymous1
Help me what to do!Anonymous4
Got it! - Samsung HLP4663WMr. Cox5
Help me from making a big mistake-Please!Post Reader27
Samsung DLP HLN4365W - loud whirring noise?Taylor Donlan4
About cable receptionxvxvxvx4
Anyone have the RCA HD61LPW163?Anonymous5
Philips Magnavox 8P6034 C101 Poor Picture QuestionDerrick Hill1
Question about Aspect Ratio on big screens....Dire_wolf4
AKAI HP5598HDI local HD channelsTom Koetter1
Please help the Newb with sammy HL-P5685W DLPErik E Simonds1
Going to buy RPTV at BB... suggestions?Informed DLP Owner19
Want to tweak my new HL-P4663W - Anyone have the service manual?Informed DLP Owner4
Stain-like shadow pattern in the screen of my DLP TVMark Awesome6
Issue with Cox cable cardRoger Scwartz5
Phillips 51" (51pw9303) -- or RCA 52" (d52w19) ????...Raul Gustafson1
RCA rear projection P46151WK HelpGhost1
DLP Rear projection dual lamp/color wheelAnonymous3
Mits 52725 Green TintPhxCliff12
Best black level performer?Buzz6
Audio out on Sony KDF-42WE655Manish Pandit13
Mitsubishi WS-55807 with Direct TV HDTV ???Craigc1
Standard digital cable on KDF55WF655?Anonymous21
Which DVD w/ upconversion to go with my Sony KDF-50WE655 ?Anonymous2
52" RCA projection tv: image intermittent, sound Okcarlos valdi1
JVC D-ILA Vs. Sony KF50WE620 Vs. Toshiba 62HM84Sp0rtz1
Moving a Rear Projection tv.Travis Banks2
Slanted Picture on samsung rear projectionJon1
Question about the grey dirt marks on DLP TVsKevin Nitro5
Sports on LCD RPTVJosh Silva2
Looking to buy a 55">= DLP or lcd television under 3600DLP? Sammy for me!4
Samsung HLP4663 defaults to RF1Marc Lee3
DLP TV's with gaming, DVD's and "Rainbows"Mr. Lynch4
Hitachi vs Mitsubishi rp crtPhil2
Will this work?Dutch Dave2
Did you buy your TV online?Kathy K.6
KDF60XS955Wade Crews24
Need input on picture quality of gaming consoles on sony LCD Projec...F UCK ECOUSTICS2
Sony KDF55XS to Samsung DSS Receiver ProbsRobert Place1
Any opinions on RCA HD61LPW162?Love my 1633
Hitachi 50V500 picture is Magenta all of a suddenLarry Snyder1
Some confusion about different kinds of RPTVDLP for Me2
Sammy DLP DVD aspect ratio problemAnonymous3
Break in period?xvxvxvx3
CRT RPTV questionsJonD9
Please help with my Toshiba 57H84Bigdog2
New Sony LCD Projection is blurry....HELP!Nachoman914
Sony or Hitachi BB2
Pro's and Cons of buying online.....helpAnonymous2
Samsung HLP5674WAnonymous3
Component Cable Problem: Samsung HLP4663W 46" DLP TV to Samsung DVD...Joey 253
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