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Samsung HLS6187WX/XAA Shut Off ProblemGary Shane9
Hlr5667wax/xaa blackout issuesRobert Augustus2
Samsung dlp hl-s5086wRobert Augustus2
Dlp tv problemRobert Augustus2
Samsung HL-S4676S white spots!Robert Augustus4
Sony KDF55XS955 55" DLVP HDTV - green pixels area problemRobert Augustus2
Samsung HLR5067W NTSC -> PAL?Sameer Kapoor1
Shorted out hlr6167wRobert Augustus2
RCA HD50LPW162 color display all out of wackRobert Augustus3
Shorted out hlr6167wDW brad1
Samsung DLP whites saturatedRobert Augustus2
Please Help!! Samsung DLP problemRobert Augustus2
DLP Help HLN617WRobert Augustus2
HLR5067 green screenRobert Augustus2
JVC HD-ILA Lamp Replacement TS-CL110Utvshopper3
Mitsu ws-55511Bob Fairchild1
Mitsu ws-55511Bob Fairchild1
Samsung 56" DLP ProblemRon Perkins3
71" samsung DLP picture problemsRobert Augustus4
Samsung HLN5065WRobert Augustus2
Samsung HLT5076SX/XAARobert Augustus2
Toshiba 62hm84 DLP Bad ballast board availability?Robert Augustus3
Mitsubishi vs-60707 no pictureRobert Augustus2
Should I buy a Mitsubishi WS-55857 for $250Robert Augustus2
Samsung HLR6156W shuts off by itself!!Alex Moon7
Samsung DLP issuesRobert Augustus3
Samsung dlp screenRobert Augustus2
DM Module for Mitsu WS65613Scott Mason1
Samsung color wheel replacementWind Song1
Samsung HLP5067W(no picture and making noise)Lin Zou3
Mitsubishi VS-45609 - error code 23 - Horizontal Deflection FailureAndy Smith1
Samsung DLP powering on failure daniel rieg3
Samsung DLP HLN617WX/XAA brightness problemRobert Augustus2
Samsung DLP screen discolorationRobert Augustus2
Problem with Samsung DLP HLP5063W displayEdward Lopez1
Hd 52z585 red is backwardsrobert chartrand5
Samsung dlp does not work after a stormRobert Augustus2
The Sony Optical Block issue continuesCasey3
Samsung light enginesjerry white1
WD 52525 - Lamp AvailableP Dabbieri1
RCA HD50lpw175 dlp PartsRon Howard1
WD 52525 - Purple Static in Dark ImagesZachary Thorson1
18 year old Rear Projection Magnavox TV 55"Harris M. Jones1
Mit WS 65908-Another covergence prob!Peter Edwards1
Samsung hln567wx/xaa color wheel replacement now tv doent workerickson dumlao1
Mitsubishi WS-65517Michael Boyd1
Samsung hl-p5085w DLP DMD board diagnosisJoe Langer3
Color Wheel will not ignite ballast once placed in housing.Joe Langer4
Samsung DLP HLT5687S - Check Fan No.3Jason Breedlove2
Samsung DLP stays in "standby state" mark brown6
Mitsubishi WS-65807Kinguyen1
HLN467W No Picture w/ sound (new bulb & ballast)mark brown1
Toshiba 62HM195 shuts off after a few secondsSteve Black1
Philips 55PL9524/37 problems during/after cleaning the lenseslukasz1
Samsung HLN 5065wEthan Ely1
Samsung hl-p5085w DLP DMD board diagnosisken clement1
Samsung - HLP5063W - need instruction on changing color wheel - Ple...deanna1
Samsung HL-S5086W convergence problemsadilma1
Everyone With DLP Problem Must ReadDavid Pienta2
Samsung DLP 60'Tom L1
Power supply?Steve Besse1
Samsung HLS5686 Horizontal Black LinesMichael Van Ruth1
Need help with SAMSUNG DLP.Yokemonkey1
Samsung Color wheel Replacementfrank Molodecki1
Help Request - HLN617WATracker2
Mitsubichi WS65857 pix problemTed Olsz1
1987 JC Penney Rear Projection TVbryan1
Smasung dlp tv Rick Ray3
Green and Red duplicate images on Screen... JOHN S2
1984 Mitsubishi TV VS-304R volume loss problemPartiers_com1
Mitsubishi WS-65909 ConvergenceGary Mette1
Sony Rear Projection TV ProblemPam Jenkins14
Sony KDF-E55A20Patricia Dijulio1
Hitachi 50v500 green blue hue over entire screenJOHN S3
Sony LCD Grand WEGAgeorge lynn1
InFocus sp61md10Tia Pollard1
Another Samsung HLN437W picture problemMichael T.1
Jvc hd52z575 problemtvshopper4
Another Samsung DLP problem!caKed2
Service manuals for JVC HD-52Z575John Ko1
Mitsubishi 55" rear projection overscan problemsRory Stevenson1
Mitsubishi ws 65809Richard Bishop1
Hitachi 50vx915 problemRonnie Maxwell2
Samsung HL-N617W No power whatsoever!Phil Dickey2
Samsung hlr5067w 50" dlp wont turn onrohan2
Samsung DLPWill B1
Samsung DLP ovadoggvo2
Where can I find Mitsubishi WS-65511 error codes?Paul Garcia1
Samsung hlp6163w input problem?Brett Kudick1
Samsung HLP6163w replaced Ballast and Lamp...still nothingmike3
Sony not shipping replacement tvDaniel Sparks8
Rolling vertical lines on my projection tvDoug Hale1
Mitsubishi projector tv 55"Charles Noble1
Mitsubishi WT-46809 powers off; code 2-2ty coman1
Samsung hl-r5667w picture freeze shuts down.Leo Pena2
Mitsubishi DLP flashing problemScott Cote1
Samsung DLP Lamp problemovadoggvo2
Rolling horizontal linesJR Duke2
Another samsung dlp problemBrian lawrence1
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